Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time Travelers Colonial Life: Day 3

We are on doing lesson 4 & 5 today (lesson 5 is a project day, a.k.a. make up day for projects you aren't able to cover all week long). Every 5th day is a project day, therefore there isn't a particular assignment to read or activity to do . In the future I will not be posting about lesson 10, 15, or 20. I will post about lesson 25, as this will be our Colonial Spree (a.k.a. end of study family event).

On to what we learned on Day 3:

We began our study by playing a review game with facts from Lessons 1 & 2. We used a tri-fold display board that was plastered with colorful library pocket cards. I put questions and answers on 3x5 cards and placed them randomly in the pockets (I did have extra credit pockets with a little tougher question). The children choose a color pocket and if they answered correctly they got a skittle or M&M. If they choose the extra credit pocket, they received 2 skittles or 2 M&M's. The kids loved it! And it was a wonderful way for us parents to know that they were indeed retaining the information from the lessons.

The Colonial Home- Part 3

We learned about all different types of things you would find in a colonial bedroom, kitchen, parlor, and more...

For the kids the neatest room of all was the... necessary... a.k.a. outhouse! LOL *Ü* Oh you should have seen the little girls face that was reading this section when she discovered what a necessary was. It was priceless! She didn't want to read and was trying to get another child to read, but her mom told her it was her turn, so she read. When she came to the part where it explained what it was she said something along the lines of "and you choose "ME" to read this..." Oh it was so funny. We learned about the different things they did in order to take care of the "special" room.

After we read, the kids set out to make their rope beds. We used Corn husks (found in the Mexican section of a grocery store) and they worked wonderfully. Just make sure they don't put to many in, or the bed will be way to puffy. The kids got to hammer, sew, and fill their beds. They turned fantastic.

At the end of class, I sent home the vocabulary cards, along with the definitions for them to complete before the next class time.


LisaWA said...

Hello again....

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Tina in WA said...

Yes, it is easier for me to use. I just click on a picture from my files and drop them into this box area at slide. And slide has all different types of formats to use to display your pictures.

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Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Wow, you guys should not be having that much for during school hours! LOL! I wish I was in WA so we could come over and play. We can't wait to see what you and the kids do next!

Tina in WA said...

LOL! *Ü* Same thing at your house!

I too wish we were closer. You have so much to share and I would love to gleam from your talents/experiences! And from your posts, I think our dd's would get along perfectly. *Ü*

Scrapbooking in general is something I want to do for myself, but scrapbooking with the kids "FOR" school, would be a blast!

Thanks for sharing what you do at your blog!