Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Lewis and Clark Lapbook

Our Lewis and Clark lapbooking project is completed! We had a blast and learned so much about these men, the folks that went with them, and their long journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Some neat things we learned about were:

* Clark joined the army when he was 12 years old
* At some points in their travels, they ate dogs to survive
* Learned the "why" to the reason France sold the Louisiana Territory
* The encountered over 20 Indian Tribes
* Only 1 person died during the whole journey
* Lewis purchased Seaman for $20

And so much more!

We did this mini study for free using lots of online resources. Here is a list of the main sites we used:

Free Lapbook:
* Lewis and Clark Lapbook
Activity Pages:
* Fort Mandan: Lots of different activity idea's
* Lewis and Clark Word Find
* National Geographic DVD on Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West
Websites visited:
* The Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery My favorite site we used. We got most of the information to fill in the booklets to the lapbook from this site.
* Expansion and Conflict lesson plan for additional activities
* Online Game: Go West Across America
* Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail for Mapping the way they went
* Western Expansion
* Education World : List of supplies they took with them
* Discovering Lewis and Clark
Materials I needed to supply:
* 3 prong folder
* copies (booklets activity pages, etc.)
* glue
* scissors
* color
* pencils
* pencil

And below are some photo's of the activities the kids did.

What to see more that we did with this study? Click HERE


LisaWA said...

Good job kids!!! Great report Tina....


Sue said...

This is really helpful! We're planning a trip to Oregon in the fall and I was looking for ideas for a Lewis and Clark lapbook. Thanks!