Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time Travelers Colonial Life: Day 13

For Day 13 we did Lesson 22: Plantations & Slavery in Colonies and Lesson 24: Putting the Lapbook Together

Today we learned about different types of plantations colonist had: rice, cotton, tobacco, sugar, & indigo as well as the different types of slavery.

We talked about bond servants, indentured servants, and redemptioners. All of whom worked for an appointed amount of time for someone and then often given a piece of land for their own once the debt has been paid. But sometimes, they were forced into slavery. We also learned a little about a slaves life.

There were different types of houses on a plantation. The Manor House (the plantation owners home) and slave quarters a.k.a.: slave row. Some slaves worked in the main house and some worked in the fields. Those that worked in the masters house often lived in the home and were kept separate from the field slaves.

We learned about John Newton, how he was a slave trader with a heart with out God to a Servant of God that stood against the slave trade. We also sang Amazing Grace, which is one of many songs he wrote.

We made a lapbook fold on the different types of crops that were grown on a plantation.

Today was a WONDERFUL day because we put all the lapbooks we have worked on over this study into their file folders. Our lapbooks are now complete! This is our last "official" get together. I will miss this mini co-op gathering, but I am happy that I have created some wonderful new friends! And we are now doing zoology with these wonderful people and a couple other wonderful families! This was just the beginning of a new journey in our life.

Our last event will be our Colonial Spree, which we will be having in October, due to all our busy schedules. Once we have our spree (dinner) I will post about it on our blog!


Melkhi said...

Great slide show! The lapbooks look wonderful and I'm sure the kids will have good memories not just about what they learned, but about the time that they spent together. Your kids have beautiful smiles! Thanks for sharing.

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

I love the story of John Newton! Have you seen the movie, "Amazing Grace>" It's wonderful.

Awesome job, as usual, Tina! I want to come to YOUR house and do school!

: )

Tina said...

Thank you to both of you! And thanks for sharing what you do at your home too! I would love to come to both of your homes! You both do wonderful project/activities too!

Yes, lapbooking is a wonderful tool. One that I am happy to have learned about, tried, and enjoy doing.

Tami, I have not seen the movie yet. I am waiting to get it on DVD. But I/we did listen to Focus on the Family Radio Theatre Version of Amazing Grace. It was wonderfully done. What an amazing story.