Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time Travelers Colonial Life: Day 12

For Day 12 we did Lesson 19: Holidays in the Colonies and Lesson 21: Crime & Punishment

Today we learned about different ways the colonist celebrated Thanksgivings Day, Christmas Day, Easter, and Valentine's Day. We also learned about the origins of each holiday. We made a Pomander, which was either used as a Christmas decoration or given as a gift. It smelled wonderfully! (hint: if you are making this with a large group, make sure to check out restaurant supply stores for large containers of cloves)

We also learned how the colonists dealt with crime and the punishments for different types of crimes. England was shipping off their criminals to America, therefore the colonies were dealing with an ever growing crime rate.

For lesser crimes, public humiliation was the common punishment. This could be anything from having to wear a sign around your neck, to being placed in the stocks (btw, this is a neat interactive site for a medieval castle for grades 1-3), to wearing a brank: a gossip bridle.

There were many serve punishments as well from branding, to having a limb removed, and more... You can do research on the topic and find about some other types of punishment if you choose.

We then created a picture of tarring and feathering and learned that this method of punishment was for those that supported England, aka "traitors".

And we even played a game of "Artisan Charades". Even the adults played along!

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LisaWA said...

I LOVE all the pictures Tina! Great study! Cant wait to see more form what ya'all are doing!!