Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekly Report: Week 8

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Our week seemed very short. We only schooled for 3 days (4 if you included co-op day), as we were didn't return from out trip until late afternoon on Monday.

In zoology we learned all about social insects. We talked about the different types of jobs ants have in a colony. I asked the kids what job they would like and why and which ones they won't like to have and why. Here's their response:

* Job I would like to do: Forager, because I would be doing a big job.
* Job I wouldn't like to do: Drone, because all they do is mate and then die.

* Job I would like to do: Queen, because I could be fat and lazy (just so you know that isn't what he learned about the job, but that was his answer none the less)
* Job I wouldn't like to do: Forager, higher possibility of death

* Job I would like to do: Interior worker, because you get to take care of the babies and you don't need to leave the nest.
* Job I wouldn't like to do: Forager, because you can get attacked by an Ant Bully.

(Jake was off playing when we read. Since he is only in 1st, if he is to jumpy, I let him go and play)

At art class, Jake and Holly make a drawing of a pet they would like to have or one they already own. Holly chose our bird Coconut with Whiskers watching her. Jake drew a picture of Whiskers the cat. They used chalk dipped in liquid starch. Timmy is in the process of doing a self portrait and will have this completed next week.

Our Lewis and Clark lapbooking project is completed! We had a blast and learned so much about these men, the other people on the expedition, and their long journey to the Pacific Ocean. We did this mini study for free using lots of online resources. Click here to find out in greater detail how we completed our lapbook, learn about what sites we used, and more photo's.

For fun, Jake and Holly broke out the Delta Sand (aka moon sand but much much better) and had a blast playing in the sand. I love this stuff too, though I don't enjoy the mess it makes...

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LisaWA said...

Always great to read what the kids are doing... so glad things are going so well! Its a great feeling...

Although, I have lost my grove the last few weeks, I love to read about everyone else’s week! *Ü*

I need to find my grove!