Wednesday, January 2, 2008

FREE Project Pack by In The Hands of a Child: Sled Dogs

Homeschoolestore's weekly freebie is a lapbook by In the Hands of a Child. It is titled Sled Dogs and is for grades 3-8, but they can easily be adjusted for lower or higher grades.


Make sure you head on over to Homeschoolestore (not Hands of a Child) and get the weekly freebie! Hurry because next Monday (1-7) this one will not free anymore.

And while you are there, make sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter to receiver the detail on each weeks freebie. You must first create an account with them and then on "My Account" page there will be a link you can click on that will take you the subscribe page.

I own this lapbook, but haven't done this one yet. It is great for anyone that wants to know the history of sled dogs, different types of sled dogs, racing, communication, musher commands, equipment costs and more. This is a great add on for anyone that is studying places that they use sled dogs. For example, in Russia (a country we are currently studying), they use sled dogs quite a bit to travel in Siberia. Hummmm, I think I see another lapbook project in our near future. *Ü*


Mama Peep said...

Thanks for the heads up. Somehow I did not get the email for this one.


Tina said...

You're welcome! :o) ~Tina

Tressa said...

I plan on downloading this one. I have never completed a lap book. I think I need a class or something. Do you give classes? :)

Tina said...

Sure I would love to help you out anytime. :o) Jake is just dying to for a play date and what better excuse then lapbooking. :o) And the other kids would love to visit with your other kids too. :o)

I might also have an evening class sometime for folks in our area to learn more about lapbooking. I just love it! And guess what... I might (looks like it is happening) be a guest speaker at the WHO convention on lapbooking this year. WAHOO!

I think I might do a lapbooking class at the co-op we have up in our area next year. Not sure though... But I think it will be fun for the kids. And I think it will help mom's to see what lapbooking is all about.

I have done a few classes her in my home, but I know it would to far of a drive for you. Or would it? :o)

Ok, this is turning into an email. :o) It was great "seeing" you today. :o)