Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Look What We Woke Up To Today!

What a wonderful thing to happen day 2 since returning to school. Our School district is closed today. Hum... Does that mean no school here too? *Ü* We have been getting lots of snow this season, but unfortunately, the snow we get doesn't last to long. Today it is supposed to turn to rain.

When I first woke up:



About an hour later:


And right now:


And it is still snowing! Let it SNOW!!

Like I mentioned above, this is Day 2 of school for the new year. I will post some of our happenings over break in a day or two, but for now I want to leave you with Holly's science experiment yesterday. As you can see, it is on evaporation. *Ü*





Thank goodness it was very easy to clean up. *Ü*


Audrey said...

Those pics are gorgeous!!

Mama Peep said...

That is some snow! We are just getting rain. My kids would love that snow. Me..not so much. :-) I have not forgotten you and the zoo. I just have to get a hold of Lisa.

drowning in laundry today

Lizzie in Ma said...

Oh you guys are so lucky, we are really desparate for some snow here. Check out the weather in our neck of the woods!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Beautiful snow pics! Your trees are gorgeous!


Tressa said...

Beautiful pictures. We had snow, but not quite as much. The kids played in it for awhile and then I made them do their work. No snow days here.

LisaWA said...

Hey, That looks like our house too... well yesterday... we still have it... just not as much! *Ü* Thankfuly I still cant see the ground! I do enjoy it covering everything because its so pretty... buthave to admit... Im ready for spring!

Holly looks like she had fun!


Tina said...

We still have a little left too. Enough to collect snow for mini snowmen and do a little sledding. The kids are out playing in it.

Holly had a blast. I am (and so are Holly and Jake), enjoying the Steck-Vaughn Science. It is filling a science gap that I think they need. :o) And it doesn't require a lot of mommy time. :o)