Friday, February 8, 2008

Weekly Report


This week was a bit of a blur... I haven't been feeling myself at all this week (feeling a little under the weather). But with that said, I did get some things accomplished this week after all.

Monday we visited with some friends. We called this day "Social Day". What an adventure this day was. I was driving down the highway heading to our friend's house and my battery light came on. I called Greg and he said to return home right away. Jake was in tears because he wanted to visit with his friend. Well... Mr. Timmy had the smart idea (he later said he couldn't believe the parents didn't think of it... Ok 1 up on us LOL ), of having them come to our house instead. That worked for them and we had a wonderful time visiting and are looking forward to the next time.

Friday, we took Jessica and Holly to see Romeo and Juliette ballet at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Another big treat of the night was eating dinner at the Metropolitan Grill (if you live in the Seattle area, this is a must go to restaurant) before we went to the ballet. And as a bonus, we were surprised with dinner guests, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Natalie.

Now to the fun school things:

Russia Study:

We worked on our vocabulary words, read about the people of Russia, began learning about the Mongols, read a Russia Folk Tale, and read a story about a Christian family that lived during Soviet Union.


Jake and Holly created a masterpiece in the Henri Matisse fashion and Timmy did a composition masterpiece, where he also had to mix his own colors. Timmy found this project to be a little difficult. So this art work is really a Timmy & Mom project. Jessica's Latin class was cancelled, so she was able to join us for art class this day.

We did get other regular work done, but not a whole weeks worth. There is always next week to catch up on bookwork.


Tressa said...

Your kids are so cute! I love their art work! Social days are good for all involved. :)

Daisy said...

Sounds like a great week. I so miss the ballet and opera in Seattle. I worked in the English dept. of Seattle Pacific University and always had free tickets to the dress rehearsal. It was my absolute favorite thing to do. 13 years later and how in the world did I wind up in SoCal? Sigh.

Karen said...

Wonderful week and beautiful artwork. Bookwork can always wait a little.

Tina said...

Thanks Tressa! Can't wait until we have our next social day. :o)

Daisy~ I bet you would miss it. And what a blessing to attend the rehearsals. :o) Oh, I wanted to let you know that I made your chicken parmesan and it was YUMMY! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Karen~ Thanks for the words of wisdom! I try to remind myself of that... But it is hard for this check the box type personality. :o) And for the comments about the artwork.

Michelle said...

Great artwork! And glad your Social Day ended up working out!

The ballet sounds like great fun! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to go to one!

And you are right, there is always next week to catch up on bookwork! My 3 were sick this week and we didn't get much done either...the benefit of homeschooling year round! :)

LisaWA said...

Gald you are feeling better Tina! *Ü* You had a great week.... regardless... The kids art work is great! You are doing such a good job!

Why is Timmy so sad looking? Tell him I love his art work and would love for him to tell me about it this week on our outing *Ü*


Tina said...

Thanks, Michelle. :o) Yes, we homeschool year round too. :o) I have my weeks planned out, but if something happens, it is easy to adjust our schedule.

Lisa~ Thanks. :o) Timmy found this activity to be a little challenging. You are supposed to look through a view finder thing (a square cut out of a piece of cardstock), and have the item your drawing touch 3 sides of the view finder thing. He couldn't do that and draw at the same time. He didn't think it was possible. So he ending up crying in class and a girl (one that they already have challenges with each other) laughed at him for crying. He was hurt, frustrated, I am sure embarrassed. I sat with him from then on out and made it a mom and me art project. Poor little guy... I will let him know you liked it. :o)

my5wolfcubs said...

Glad you got your social day -- hope you're car is okay too! :) The kids pictures turned out really nice, you're producing a museum!!

Tina said...

Thanfully, the car was a easy fix and Dh fixed it the next day. It needed a new alternator.

Thanks for the comment on the kids art work. It is so nice seeing them hanging on the wall in nice frames. It really changes the look of their project by just placing them in a frame.

Have a wonderful week, Lee! :o)