Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekly Report: It's been a while...


The title should say 2 week report, but that just wouldn't be the same now would it... *Ü*

We have been pretty busy around here (nothing unusual, seems like we are always busy). Here is a re-cap of the past 2 weeks:


Can I tell you all how much I LOVE Lightning Literature 7? I just LOVE IT! She is really enjoying reading these wonderful books, short stories, and poems. We (yes, even me) learned how to analyze a poem as well. When I first saw the activity page I was so lost, but when I began to read the teacher manual, it all feel into place easily. They really laid it out nicely with examples so I was able to explain it easily to Jessica so she would be able to understand it.

She is enjoying her Home2Teach class and is working on a narrative report on someones life. 3 more weeks and her report will be completed.


My favorite subject for Timmy is writing. We use Writing Tales and really enjoy it. Both Timmy and I enjoy this. Here is a creative writing activity he did recently based on the fable Androcles:

One day a scuba diver named Bob was out scuba diving and he saw a whale shark. Afraid of the shark he started to swim back to the shore. Surprised that the shark did not chase him, he swam back to the shark. The shark showed Bob his back fin. Bob saw that there was a big cut on sharks back fin making it unable far the shark to swim. Bob took the shark to the shark doctor. The doctor bandaged up the cut and the shark’s fin healed in two weeks. From that time on the shark guarded Bob from sea monsters while he swam in the sea.

In Art class he has been doing using water colors along with other mediums to create these wonderful paintings. The top one is one where we used water color paintings and created the effect of depth by creating an horizon line and adding color in a certain way. The bottom one is where they used different effects of water colors (blotting, running, splashing, etc) and then they added details to the pictures making a Magical Circus painting. Timmy's is of a clown that is juggling some planets. Above the clown's head is an exploding cake... Oh boys...

Timmy's Teaching Textbook 6 has arrived. It looks really nice. He wants to get started right now, but we need to finish up his other book first.

He has been reading lots of Tin Tin and Nate the Great books. He didn't really start reading independently until 4th grade. He was a slow reader and I didn't push the issue of reading. If I did, he cried. He now reads a ton! He loves reading! Timmy and his dad read together almost every night and Timmy enjoy this time with his father.


In Art class the kids have been creating clay family plaques for the past 2 weeks. Here is her finished project (Dad, Mom, Holly, and her cat):

At her art class she also worked on a Sea Horse project. It tured out lovely!

I asked her what she enjoyed doing in school over the last 2 weeks and she said, "A little math". I think that translates into her only enjoying a little aspects of what she does with math. She is still struggling with division, so this is still her least favorite subject to do.


In Art class, Jake did the same thing as Holly. Here is his finished project (Daddy and Me):

I asked Jake what he has enjoyed about school lately and he said, "I LOVE math!" and hopped away... That about sums it up for Jake.


In my co-op class there are times I want to do the project too, but I am busy with helping the kids that I wouldn't be able to do the project. So I went to a friends house (she also happens to be may facilitator in my art class), last week and we did one of the Atelier Project together, just us mom's. Below are the 2 pictures I did using water color crayons. They are inspired by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

I am also busy coming up with co-op class idea's for the fall. I have been having so much fun coming up with class idea's. I think I will teach a All American History Class Vol 1. Not sure on the grade level yet as it will depend on what is needed at the co-op. I have LOTS of other idea's too (I always do each year), but I need to narrow it down to 2.


I am really enjoying this class (Zoology 1). I am (and so are the kids) learning so much about birds. For example, I love breast meat... I never knew it was one of the muscles they used for flying. There has been so many other GREAT things we have learned in this class.

The kids have been doing bird notebooking pages, lapbooking, playing a game called Quizzical (a review card game using a tri fold board), taking quizzes, and doing fun experiments.


We went on a nature walk to a Bonsai Garden with the folks from Sticks and Stones. I will post highlights of this trip in our long overdue Green Hour Report 8/9.

For our Russia study we watched a video from Reading Rainbow that shared the book: Rechenka's Eggs . Oh my I loved this video! It touched on so many aspects of Russia. It brought a lot that we have learned about to life. I followed up this video by doing (still working on it) a lapbook based on the book, Rechenka's Eggs, with Holly and Jake. We will share once we are done with it.

I didn't get to our art appreciation studies like I wanted too. I wanted to finish up our Russia study as well. We only have 2 more days on our Russia Study and they we will be done. Except for doing the lapbook I created for our study. Then we will be learning about China.

Here are some extra pictures I took throughout the past 2 weeks:

Remember to check out our Green Hour Challenge Weeks 8/9 as well. This is a recap of our nature studies.


Paige said...

Looks like a great couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing all the art, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

All your pictures are wonderful! You guys are always busy busy, but it sounds like you are having fun.

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

I want to come to your Mom's art class! I'd love to hear more about your co-op. How many families are involved and how do you split up the responsibilities?

You get so much done - you are amazing!

The Sparks Circus said...

Looks so great! Our co-op has ended for the year :) we are needing a break, but we are gone all day from 8-3:30 and it is a bigo co-op over 100 families.

Tiffany said...

This was fun to read--I love hearing about what others are doing in their homeschool. I hope you will post pictures of your completed lapbooks. I love doing lapbooks but just last week got around to doing one this school year. It has been a busy year and the first year we've used a "real" curriculum. I'm making time for the lapbooks now though--I've got the fever! I have about 4 more planned for the next couple of months.
Your art is beautiful, in our homeschool group we have a very talented mom who has given art classes to our kids but I never thought about doing a mom class--I'll have to suggest it.

Tina said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

We love to do art! I just pray once co-op is over I will still be motivated to do it at home with my kids... I don’t want to get in relax mode and put it off. :o)

Tamy~ I am not sure how many families are in our co-op. Maybe close to 80? You have to do something in the co-op in order to be involved. It could be teaching, facilitating, vacuuming a hallway, putting up signs, etc. The Leadership Team decides what each parent will be doing (expect for teaching that is. Teachers submit what they want to teach and the co-op decides what will benefit others as a whole & that’s how the classes are pretty much chosen)

Tiffany~ I love to lapbook! I wish I had more time to do more of it, but there isn’t enough hours in the day to do all we would “like” to do. :o) Yes, I will definitely share the lapboook when we are all done with it. I have enjoyed doing some of the free ones from Homeschool Share. They are wonderful.

Mama Peep said...

You have been very busy since I have been away. Looks like the kids are really enjoying almost all of their subjects. I will contact the art museum on Monday and let you all know what I find.

I hope to see you all soon,

School for Us said...

I enjoyed reading the review of what you and your kids have been doing the past few weeks. And, I LOVE your O'Keefe-like paintings. I love to get involved myself. And, I think it's great you moms just got together to do something for "you."