Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekly Report: Spring Break


Ok, we didn't take a full break during Spring Break. I needed to keep up with math (especially since Holly has been struggling with division) and we also did some of our Russia Study. Here is a break down of our week:


Went on a nature walk at Clear Creek Trail with some friends. We got hailed on... What an experience. Check out our Green Hour Challenge 6/7 report for more details.

Worked on Russia Study. We read 2 Russian Folk Tales (Tales From Russia), read about the Russian People(in Russia the People), and about a young girl that lived in Soviet Times that was persecuted for not wearing the "Komsomol" (red scarf), because it went against her Christian beliefs. We also filled out our notebook journal page.

We also watched a wonderful video called: Kristen's Fairy House . It touched a lot on our nature studies. For more details, check out our Green Hour Challenge 6/7.

Jessica also made homemade pizza pockets using a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens "New Junior Cook Book".


Worked on Russia Study. We learned more about the Mongol people and how a community would work. Read a story about a christian wife that wanted to be baptised, but her husband and his family were against it and did everything possible not to let this happen... But our God is a mighty God and she was able to make this public acknowledgement despite the odds. They also filled out their notebook journal page.

(for our Russian stories, we are using the book called: They Would Not Be Moved by Harvey Yoder)

Holly made a Fairy House in the woods.

Jessica and Timmy went dirt bike riding with their dad.


Jessica and Timmy went dirt bike riding with their dad.


We were supposed to go to Wilcox Farms for a field trip, but Jake was sick for 2 days and I didn't want to take the chance of infecting the family that was driving there with us, or anyone else once we got there. We stayed home.

We worked on our Russia Study. Jessica and Timmy finished up learning about the Mongols and they made Mongol hats. Timmy's hat was a little big at first(see picture), but we quickly fixed it and it fits perfectly now. Jessica had me take a picture of her before she completed her hat and we all think it looks like a Court Jesters hat. Timmy wants to make some that look just like these.

We read about Russian Religion in "Window on the World". Loved this. It was great reading it as it was written from the perspective after the fall of Soviet Rule. Our stories have been about life during Soviet Times, so it was nice to see how Russian's feel after the ending of the Soviet Rule.

We read a little about Marc Chagall. It was interesting to see what his life was like in younger years. And to show the kids how people of different religious beliefs were treated so differently. He was Jewish and all Jew's had to stay in what they called, "The Pale of Settlement". They couldn't leave this area with out permission. Jews were hated and persecuted for many centuries (still are in some areas).


Play Day at our friend's house!

Last in the evening, Jessica pulled out her long overdue sewing project and began working on it again. She finished it up on Sat. morning. She did a fantastic job! Now she wants to purchase a kit and make one for her little niece.

I wish we would have did some sort of art study this week, but after all this was supposed to be Spring Break...

And that is our week in review at Jetihoja Academy. If you want to see pictures of our week, just view the slide show below. *Ü*

~*~ Have a wonderful weekend!~*~


Brittney said...

Wow! You got a lot done on your spring "break"! To tell you the truth, I don't think my boys even know what spring break is! Right now they just know that Dad doesn't have class and we don't have AWANA! Works for me!

Thanks so much for posting about GWG in my comments. I think that would be a good fit for us as I do have good *intentions* to make my own worksheets, but like you, don't think it would last long. That is just the reality of it.

Thanks for your prayers...they are VERY much needed right now. Hate this grad school business!

:0) Brittney

PS We (my family when I was young) were really involved in BMX...with bikes, not motorcycles. We loved it! I even ended up on crutches after trying to show off over a jump for some guy I liked!

Tonia said...

Looks like a great week! I love the pictures!

LisaWA said...

Busy week! I like the looks of those pizza pockets! Nummy!!!

Great week... Im so sad break is over... I need another week!


Tina said...

Thanks Everyone!

It is a chore sometimes to put these reports together. But I am pleased when I am done doing it.

Have a wonderful new week ya'all!


Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

I have been slacking on my weekly reports too, but they are SO FUN to look back on later.

Have you made Russian borscht yet? I've got a great, authentic recipe. Mmmmmm

: )