Friday, July 11, 2008

A Little Blog Break

This announcement is WAY overdue, but I think it is about time I made it. I will be taking a little blog break. I may come and share things from time to time until I am back into the swing of things.

I am really busy with helping to start a new co-op/homeschool support group in our area. Boy this takes up a lot of time. But it will be well worth it. I really feel God moving in a big way with this ministry and am just tickled to be a part of it.

In the month of June I was busy with getting ready for the WHO convention and presenting 2 workshops there. That really took a lot of our time as we were preparing some wonderful hands on activities for the attendees. I was SHOCKED at how many showed up to my 1st workshop... 85 people. I was overwhelmed. I have never given a talk like this (except at our local used curr. sale) and was beside myself somewhat. But I love lapbooking and I think all and all it turn out just fine. :) The next day was much better. There were about 25 or so people

Here is a picture from my workshop and some from the convention:

My Booth (Representing In The Hands of a Child Lapbooks)

This was at my friends booth. She has created these WONDERFUL countries studies. We actually used her Russia one and learned so much about it. You can see what we did HERE. To learn more about her products you can visit here: Into All The World.

3 girls protecting the booth...

We will be doing Brazil next using Into All The World Country Studies.

All the kids but Jake are away at summer camp for the next few days.

After this camp, Jessica and Holly will be a horse camp for a week. They are really looking forward to this. I am sure I will come back on her to share their adventures with you all.

We are also planning a Chocolate Study using HOAC Chocolate Project Pack and a few other items I have found to expand on the topic. I will surely post about this fun event! If there is time, I want to get a horse project pack from HOAC and a unit study completed. We shall see.

I am also working a couple subject with the kids that need to be finished before our new school year that starts in Sept. Yes, time does fly and Sept. will be here before I know it. We don't have much to catch up with, but with all the breaks/happenings this summer, we still need to set time aside to accomplish these things.

Thanks for the private emails from others that have been wondering where I was at? It makes me feel so special. :) What would I do with out you all? Thanks for your encouragement.


Brittney said...

Sounds like you have been real busy! I think I may want to get in on that chocolate project pack you guys are going to be working on! Especially if there are experiments and tastings involved!

Looking forward to "catching up" once things are more settled and you begin blogging again! said...

Hi Tina
Congratulations you are a winner at Pam Warden Art blog. See the blog for details.

Tina said...

Oh Brittney, YES, we will be tasting chocolate and making our own from scratch. I purchased a couple really neat kits to use with the kids. I can't wait to begin! :) I wish you were closer because I would invite you to join us for sure. Jake needs a friend his age and I think your boys would be perfect. :)

Pam~ YIPPEE! I am sooo happy. I am off to check out the details.

Blessings to you both!


tressays said...

It is so good to see you blogging again! I knew that you were busy. I am sure that you did great at WHO. I am sure your love for lapbooking shined.

We do miss you guys! I hope we can see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your nature notebooking pages over on handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.Gill.

Jimmie said...

Your booth is wonderful!! :-) Love the picture!

I know that the break will be productive. You've already got so many plans.


Margarete said...

That looks like so much fun! Enjoy your break and thanks for visiting my blog.

keri said...

Wow, you are busy!
It's nice you have pics of that to share.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Okay, so this "little" blog break has turned into a BIG blog break....miss your posts. Good thing you still can email. :)

Barb-Harmony Art Mom
(who is trying to catch up on her blog reading)

amada said...

wow. what you´re doing sounds so neat! great job! I look forward to when you come back reading more :)

Trujillo, Peru

I´m going to be having a fun contest soon, so come on by my blog in a day or two!

Rhonda said...

I appreciate your nature journal pages so much. We've been using some of those in our Nature Study time.
I have an award for you if you would like to pop over to my blog to receive it.