Monday, November 17, 2008

HOAC Lapbook Freebie

Here is a description of the lapbook from HOAC:

Learn more about a little girl and her rag coat when you read the heartwarming story, “The Rag Coat” by Lauren Mills and complete a lapbook with the Project Pack, The Girl in the Rag Coat. In this unit, you will find a 6-page Research Guide dedicated to the story with questions to ask your student, a mini-Research Guide about quilting, coal mining, and Appalachia along with 24 hands-on activities that correspond to the story and the guide.

Head on over to CurrClick to receive this free lapbook! If you have been interested in Lapbooking, now is a good time to head over and check them out for FREE. Hurry because this offer expires on Monday 11-24-08.

On a side note, I LOVE HOAC lapbooks. They are my favorite by far because they are complete with a research guide (so you don't have to do extra research), they provide answer keys, and the quality is wonderful.

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