Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Homeschool Family

We have 5 children (3 boys & 2 girls), been homeschooling for 12+ years, and plan on homeschooling until the last child leaves the nest.

The 4 youngest children have homeschooled from the beginning. Michael, our oldest, did attend preschool and pre-K while I was still working (before baby #2) and public school off & on from 9th grade and above. He completed an online highschool course, received his diploma and is officially finished with his highschool education, and is now working/living in the adult world. Please keep him in your prayers... That God will continue to work in his life and protect him.

We do attend a local homeschooling co-op where the kids take all sorts of enrichment classes. Here is a sample of the types of classes our children have taken over the years:

* Mike: Apologia Biology, Government, Oil Painting, PE
* Jessica: Cooking & Nutrition, Unit Studies, Science classes, sign language, Latin
* Timmy: US States, Prairie Primer, Unit Studies, Science classes, Art
* Holly: Recorder Band, Sign Language, Cooking & Nutrition, Prairie Primer, Art
* Jake: Sing and Play, Art, Young Creative Pursuits, Math Fun & Games, Bible Stories

I love homeschooling, being at home with my children, and being a stay at home wife. I am very blessed.

My Dream.... That as grand babies come along, I will be blessed to help my children homeschool their children in 1 way or another. Therefore I don't think I will ever get rid of all my books. *Ü*

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