Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Language Lessons Level 3

Today I had an opportunity to thumb through First Language Lessons Level 3. I thought I would share with you my review on this curriculum. *Ü*

Brief introduction:

Towards the end of last school year, I was all lined up to use Growing With Grammar (GWG) for Holly's 3rd Grade language arts curriculum. I used GWG last year with Timmy and LOVED it. But then Jessie Wise just published a continuation for First Language Lessons ( FLL) 1/2. Since we used FLL 1/2 for 1st and 2nd grade, I started to wonder if I shouldn't continue with FLL series and use FLL 3 this school year.

I asked our local school supply company to order the book so I could see it in hand before I spent near $50 on a new language curriculum when I already had GWG 3 purchased.


(1) Love the narrative format. Teacher says this... Student responds with this...

(2) Poetry is included.

(3) Oral Language exercises are included.

(4) Diagramming

(5) I like the student pages they use for dictionary skills.


(1) Extremely teacher directed. The child can't complete the workbook pages without a parent instructing them on what needs to be accomplished for each exercise. There are no instructions in the student workbook.

Just so you know, I have no problem reading the lesson to/with my children and helping them when they need help with their assignment. But I like being able to read the lesson with them, and then give them the opportunity to complete the assignments on their own. Of course they are always welcome to ask me questions if they get stuck, etc. With homeschooling 4 children, this extra step in implementing a curriculum is a big negative for me.

(2) To much additional copywork for my children. Since we do copywork with other studies &/or use History Scribe Copy Books, it would be overkill for my 3rd grader.

(3) The price...

Summing it all up:

It is a wonderful looking program and if you & your child like the format of FFL 1/2, then you might enjoy this book too. *Ü*

My thoughts are... I can do poetry on our own. I already own a few poetry books and some of our other curriculum includes poetry relating to a particular topic. For oral language exercises I could use Abeka Oral Language Exercises, which I just so happen to own already. *Ü* And GWG covers dictionary skills, just not with those neat pages that FLL 3 has.

I also don't know when FFL 4 will be out. Since FLL 1/2 was out for a few years before FLL 3 came out, I would much rather go into GWG 3 and stick with 1 curriculum for language arts.

I must... I must... I must stop the curriculum hoping! Therefore, we will be using GWG this year for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade! *Ü* GWG doesn't have grade levels 6-8 done yet, but they have been wonderful about getting at least 1 level done each school year. If they had 7, we would use that for Jessica, just because I like it so much. *Ü*


Katrina said...

At least you had the forsight to look at the book before you purchased it. I would love to try GWG, but since my oldest is in 7th and GWG hasn't published those levels yet, I'm "stuck" with R&S.

LisaWA said...

Cool... you got to see it... I love FLL 1/2... if i had young ones still we would use FLL3. Its in one spot and easy to use.... although... EFTTC was my favorite.... kids are all growing up Tina :( snif....


Tina in WA said...
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Tina in WA said...


Yes, I too am happy I looked before I purchased. I guess after 13 years of homeschooling I occasionally make wise decisions. :o)

I have used many language programs, Character Quality Language Arts (I have 1 for sale if any one is interested), Abeka, Easy Grammar/Daily Grams, FLL 2, & GWG. GWG is my favorite.


Tina in WA said...

Yes, Cindy was kind enough to order it and said it was ok if I didn’t end up purchasing it. So I did just that. If it would have been something that would work for our style of homeschooling, I might have made the switch.

I hear you about the young’ins growing up. I can’t believe I will never do Kindergarten again… :o( So sad…