Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are You New To Lapbooking?

Have you wondered how to lapbook, what to put in your lapbook, what in the WORLD is a lapbook? Here is a little information to help you understand what lapbooking is and how to get started.

First I would highly recommend to look at some free ones online or purchase 1 or 2 that is already put together for you. They come in a down loadable PDF version. These also come with a research guide, vocab, booklets already made for you, and more. Once you actually "see" in hand, it make so much more sense.

Here are some likes to freebies:

Hands of a Child Theme this quarter is Mary Cassatt an American painter from the late 1800's.

Knowledge Box Central current freebie is Respected American Women .

Live and Learn Press as a couple freebies at the site. And if you join Live and Learn's yahoo group, do a search for "free" and there will be a user name and password provided by them so you can go to their web site and access more freebies, like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and a couple others.

Homeschool Helper Online has any different types of lapbook on all sorts of subject, from State Studies, Boston Tea Party, Country Studies, and more.

Also, HomeschooleStore comes out with free lapbooks from different companies every few weeks. Check the site every Monday and see what the current freebie is.

In addition to that, there are some wonderful lapbooking videos online for you to watch to get a better grasp on how to assembly a lapbook.

Youtube lapbooking video. This explains the why to lapbooking and shows many examples of lapbooks that a mom has used with her children. It is a wonderful video.

Live and Learn Movies that show you how to create those many different types of fold to add to your lapbook.

Also check out the side bar on my blog page for addition lapbooking helps.

I will be posting more on the lapbooking topic in the near future, so please stay tuned!

(Tobin's Lab is the creator of the term Lap book)


Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

These are great resources! I am going to pass along the Mary Cassat lapbook to everyone I know. I have never heard of an artist lapbook. Thanks for the tip.

: )

Tina in WA said...
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Tina in WA said...

(Oops, trying the link again)

Thanks, Tami!

If you are interested in an Artist Lapbook, try Homeschooling in the Woods Artist Activity Pak! It looks WONDERFUL! I haven't purchased it yet, but plan to soon. I have been very pleased with all materials from Amy.

Here's the link:



Tina in WA said...
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Tina in WA said...

Ok, just go to:

And click on Hands-On History Activity-Paks