Friday, August 31, 2007

Time Travelers Colonial Life: Day 7

For Day 7 we did Lesson 11: Faith in the Colonies- Part 1 & Lesson 12: Faith in the Colonies- Part 2

We took a little deter from the lessons plans and made Salt-Water Taffy, which was an activity from lesson 7. I had a little problem getting the taffy quite right. Thankfully another mom was familiar with the taffy making process and helped me with getting the taffy to the right temperature. My candy thermometer wasn't working quite right, so she just guesstimated on when it looked finished. Boy did it smell and taste soooo good!

The kids were AWESOME Taffy-Pullers. The two mom's that tried it, weren't so hot. It kept sticking to our hands. And then a kid would say, "Give it to me and I will fix it for you." And wouldn't you know, they got it back to the way it is suppose to be. Lucky Kids!

We took a lot of pictures of the taffy-pulling because the kids were having so much fun! It was hard to pick and choose which ones to use, so I used them all! *Ü* Just click on the arrow to go fast through the pictures. Enjoy!

Another deter we took (seems this day is full of deters), was showing the kids examples of some Cast Iron Cookware. We showed them spoons, egg cookers, pans, trivets, iron rester things (don't know what they are officially called), and more. Another neat thing a mom brought was an original 1800's apple peeler, corer, & slicer! The kids enjoyed watching it work and tasting the apples it peeled, cored, & sliced. *Ü*

Ok... Now onto the Lesson of the day. Today we created timelines, learned about different types of religion (Lutherans & Deists to name a few), The Age of Enlightenment, and The Great Awakening. The kids created a lapbook titled, The Great Awakening: Men of Faith. They worked on this at home and brought it back the next co-op day and shared what they wrote about each men of great faith. In the next day's posting, I will share photo's with you and share some of what they wrote. Here are some photos' of what we did:

To close up this days studies, we ate Molasses Gingerbread with Homemade Whipping Cream! It was so YUMMY! This was one of the assignments a family completed from the Book of Goode Cookery!

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LisaWA said...

Was it Laughy taffy? Such big smiles!

Fun! Yeah Jetihoja Academy and friends.... it looks like a grand time...