Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holly's 3rd Grade Curriculum 2007-2008

Here is the curriculum we will be using with Holly this school year:

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  • Top left shows our Art Curriculum, Atelier. This will be a course she will take at our co-op, which I just so happen to be teaching. *Ü*

  • Top right is our Language curriculum, Growing With Grammar. I used this for the first time last year and feel in love with it. It is easy to implement, but still well grounded so the kids learn AND retain the information. Holly used First Language Lessons for grades 1 & 2. I think she will enjoy this curriculum too. I did get the chance to look at FLL level 3, and I created a thread about it. Click here to read it: First Language Lessons Level 3.

  • Bottom left is our science, Apologia Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. I am really looking forward to using this this year. We will be participating in a co-op with 5 other families. The kids are really looking forward to doing this one, not only because of the topic, but because of where it will be held. LOL *Ü* Silly kids...

  • Bottom Right is her math, A BEKA. It is a tried and true math program. This is one curriculum I have never switched from for the elementary years. But with saying that... I am switching Timmy into Teaching Textbooks for 5th grade. But I would do make that switch with any of the younger years. Just my personal preference.

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Holly will also be taking a class at co-op titled: Build-A-Body Basic Anatomy. She will be learning all about her body & nutrition, do hands on experiments, and more. She will also do Home Economics with our family. For this we will be using, Home Economics for Home Schoolers from Pearables. She will also take a sewing class at a friends house. For reading, she will be using Pathway Readers and Hooked on Phonics, as well as other books she will choose to read on her own. We will also be doing a few lapbooks over the year as well. Holly really wants to do the Horses Lapbook from Hands of a Child. I would love to add in music, and may do that further into the year.

Now for the break down:

Math: A Beka

Language: Growing with Grammar & History Scribe Copybooks

History: Time Travelers Cd's

Reading: Hooked on Phonics and Pathway Readers

Science: Apologia Zoology 1 & Build-A-Body Basic Anatomy

Art: Atelier

Electives: Home Economics for Home Schoolers & Sewing Class


LisaWA said...

Looks like a full year for Miss Holly by golly!

I know you will enjoy the Explorers cd form home school in the woods! I’m sure of it.... You are having so much more fun with this series than MOH!

Make sure you read the Sea King by Albert Marrin?? I forget the name... but that’s the book! Timmy and Jake will love it for sure.... Christian and I both read it last year and it was a good read.... even for girls like us! lol


Tina in WA said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! We will read that one for sure.


LisaWA said...

What? No update??

update, update, update...

my5wolfcubs said...

I've been trying to view all your wonderful slide shows but my computer is SO slow. Everything looks like great fun!!

Tina in WA said...


I wondered about that too. Glad you're able to see a little of it. :o)