Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekly Report: Week 2

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This week was short and sweet as we went on a family vacation from Wednesday - Saturday. We didn't go far, just to Everett and then spent the time doing all sorts of family activities in Seattle. What a beautiful city it is!


Everyone did school except for Timmy. He was happy I let him off for the day.

Jessica attended her last Online Narrative Writing class until Oct. Her next online writing class will be Elementary Report Writing. She really enjoys Home2Teach and I plan on using for as long as we are able to.

Nothing too exciting happened this day, just a normal school day...


We didn't get a lot done today, as I was getting ready to leave on vacation the following day. And I was busy getting all my co-op class items pulled together for the facilitators that were teaching for me while we were away playing. Thank you Charlyn and Pam for taking over my class for me.

Jessica did get to attend 2 online Latin Classes and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.


Today we headed off for our family vacation. Like I mentioned earlier, we didn't head far, but had a wonderful time!

Greg has always wanted to go to Old Country Buffet. So this is the place we went for dinner. All we have to say is it was our 1st and last Old Country Buffet experience.


The kids started out the morning by spending some time in the hotel pool and hot tub. Poor Timmy, since he was in a cast he didn't get to swim. But we did allow him to go in the pool and tub, but his arm had to stay on a towel a the edge of both places. I am surprised he even wanted to do that. But I guess being in the water a little is better than not going in at all...

Then we headed out for an adventure at Pike Place Market. We spent several hours here just browsing all the shops. We even got the chance to see them throw fish around at the Pike Place Fish Market. We picked up some goodies while walking around; a few "must have" items at a bakery, smoked salmon at the fish market, big jaw breakers of the kids, some maple smoked jerky, a few other items, and a Polish Pottery Piggy Bank for ME!

After Pike Place Market, we went to the Seattle Aquarium for a quick tour. We haven't been there since they remolded the place and it looked wonderful! I loved the full wall aquarium that you see at the beginning of the tour.

For dinner, we went to Izzy's Pizza for their buffet. It was pretty yummy!


Today we headed off to the Pacific Science Center. When we first arrived there, we went to see the Imax show "Dinosaurs Alive 3-D". It was a great show. I jumped 3 times and the kids jumped at times too.

After the show, we toured the Butterfly House, and walked around main exhibit area. We even did a simulation of a roller coaster ride that was amazing. Now this is my type of roller coaster ride. No risk involved with my life! We watched some bubble demonstrations and had a wonderful learning experience.

By now, our tummy's were very hungry! So we heading off to the Food Court at the Seattle Center, which was right next door. Jessica said she knew where we had to eat at. It is a place she has gone with another family a few times and loved it. It is Quincy's Burgers! And boy was it GOOOOOD!

Afterwards went went to see the special exhibit: Colossal Fossils . The kids loved digging for dinosaur bones and watching the special movies they had on display.

(no pictures yet as DH is fixing his computer and that is where the pictures are stored)

After we were done with the exhibit, we went for a monorail ride to Westlake Center, a large mall. When we arrived to Westlake, we heading to Godiva Chocolatier and everyone got to pick out one piece of chocolate. Of course that didn't apply to us grown-ups. Then we got on the monorail and headed back to the Seattle Center, then got in the car and heading back to the hotel.

Passing out chocolates:

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What a fun filled day!


Today we just spent the morning milling around the hotel, letting the kids swim and taking our time until check out time. Once we left the hotel, we went to Mukilteo Lighthouse. What a pretty place. This isn't a large lighthouse, it was used more to tell the ships to turn here to continue passage through the straits.

(scroll over pictures to read captions)

Then we heading off to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. This is one of our favorite places to go. They have been remodeling the zoo the past few years and it is getting better and better with each visit we make to the zoo. While there, we were able to watch them feed the walrus's, clean ET's (the male walrus) teeth, have them do a few tricks, etc.

(no picture yet as DH is fixing his computer and that is where the picture are stored)

After our stop at the zoo, we went to for dinner at Famous Daves BBQ! OH IT WAS SO GOOD! We have been to the one in Montanna last summer on our way to Yellowstone and just loved it. We told them them must get one out our way. Well unknow to us, they had one in Tacoma for about a year and a half. We are all very happy that this resturant is in our area!

And that concludes our Weekly Report: Week 2


my5wolfcubs said...

Great week! Learning all the time! I would have liked the roller coaster -- scary but safe!!

Trivium Academy said...


What a trip, your family did so much, the kids must have loved it. I love Polish Pottery too, I can only drool though.

I'm amazed at all you could do in one week- are you exhausted? Lol.

Great pictures, the pig looks very real.
:) Jessica

LisaWA said...

I LOVE the Polish Pottery store! My favorite place! Yet... Im always scared to go in and affraid I will break something! lol Its like walking on eggshells when we go in.

Love that you went to a light house! I remember when we all went to West Port for a field trip! That was so long ago.

Sounds like a fun week to me!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great week! I love the pics of the lighthouse, and the one of the full wall aquarium!

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Hi Tina!

What a great way to do school - out in the 'real' world enjoying yourselves!

How are you liking the online writing class? I wonder how Miss M wold do with it next sememster. She is a fairly reluctant writer.

I bet watching the walruses was fun! I am less sure about the teeth cleaning, though. *grin*

Have a great week-end,

Tina said...

Lee~ I agree, I don’t like heights at ALL!

Jessica~ When I got home I sure was! But enjoyed every minute of it.

Lisa~ That is why the rest of the family was outside the window! LOL I was so nervous too! And Jessica remembered going to see that lighthouse. She has such a good memory.

Michelle~ Thanks! It was wonderful!

Tami~ That is 1 (of many I might add), I admire about you and the way you homeschool. :o) I like it, but most importantly Jessica really likes it. She looks forward to it each week and enjoys the assignments. This is our 2nd year using Home2Teach and I haven’t been disappointed yet. :o) Yes, the walrus teeth brushing was a little “different”… :o) But it was amazing the different noises they can make and the wide range of pitches they can reach. What an amazing animal.