Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time Travelers Colonial Life: Day 10

For Day 10 we completed Lesson 16: Health and Medicine

We talked about how in years gone by that not all doctors were taught in universities and had a doctor certificate in education. That some of them learned from someone else in the community. A lot of people died back then from disease, child birth, etc. that we now have cures for and better educated people (Doctors, etc.) to help treat a medical problem, not the symptom.

They used many strange treatments from bloodletting: draining the blood out of someone trying to get the "bad" blood out of the patience system, to using leeches, or blistering: putting a hot poker on the skin and all the poisonous fluid will be drawn into the blister where the hot poker was placed, and lots of other interesting "cures" that I am happy they don't use today.

We also talked about the different type of plants and herbs that Apothecary shop would have to help fight against what ever would be ailing someone. The Apothecary acted as a pharmacies, doctor, & dentist.

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