Wednesday, October 31, 2007

~Pumpkin Carving~

Last night was our family pumpkin carving night. What a GREAT time we all had. Even our bird, Coconut, was enjoying the night. We spent about 2 hour from start to finish. After everything was cleaned up, we celebrated with cupcakes Holly made all by herself earlier in the day. They were YUMMY!

Where did we get our pumpkins you might ask? Well, we went to Hunter Farms Pumpkin Patch that is a little over an hour from us. Well worth the drive for us. It is a wonderful
farm with loads of things for the kids to do and see there.
I will post pictures and more information about our trip ASAP.

Enjoy the pictures!

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LH said...

What a fun pumpkin! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

No, I haven't seen the (Yikes, I forgot the adjective name) Something-Warrior movie.
We tend to see no movies, so . . :-) it's a hazard of that lifestyle that we miss out on a lot of movies :-)

Let me know when your Weekly Report is up and I'll come back.

I like reading about yoru 7th grader especially because I have one myself :-)