Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekly Report: Week 5

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5 Down, and 31 More to Go!

This week went by so fast! Our biggest treat was to have Dad home a lot this week. A regular week is WAY different when dad is home. But we still completed "almost all" our school assignment goals for the week.

Monday was a holiday so we took the day off. The girls and I did go to JC Penny's and did a little class on ecomomic and bought them some new clothes for the girls during their AWESOME Columbus Day sale.

This is also the day Timmy got his cast off. To read more about this BIG event and see what he still needs to get done, click here.

Also, Jessica's friend came over after church (on Sunday) and they ran into JoAnn's to get the needed items so Jessica could make Pot Holders! She made her first one on Sunday, and now she has the pot holder making bug...

Tuesday, Dad was still home with us. We did accomplish school, but it was a challenge. The kids just wanted to "play" with dad.

Wednesday, Dad was home with us yet once again. But today we went on a field trip with 2 other families to the pumpkin patch. This place is a little over an hour away from us, but they have a hay maze, tractor ride out to the pumpkin field, farm animals (and one of the goats butted me...), and fresh produce stand/market.

Dad told the kids that they could get any size pumpkin they wanted as long as they could move the pumpkin to where the wheel barrows are located. The kids were on a hunt for the largest pumpkins ever. And they did pretty good. I did go out into the field and helped Jake get his pumpkin back. REALLY, how big of a pumpkin can a 6 year old get on his own? Of course he needed some help.

(I will add pictures in an other posts of our Pumpkin Patch visit)

Thursday was Co-op day. At our 1st co-op, First period was art for Jake and Holly, and Timmy and Jessica were learning about the bible in "That's In The Bible". Second period Jake and Holly were learning about their bodies in "Basic Anatomy" class, while Timmy was in art, and Jessica was doing Latin.

But Timmy didn't stay at co-op until the end. He wasn't feeling well, and since Dad was home yet again, I called DH and he came and picked Timmy up so he could go home and rest. Therefore, he didn't complete his art project. But since I am the teacher, he will get to finish it up this upcoming week.

Then it was onto our Zoology Co-op! We had a GREAT day of review & quiz taking. All the kids did a wonderful job at learning and remembering the information we studied.

Friday my grandbaby was suppose to come and visit for a little while, but she bumped her head on her mom took her into the doctors to get checked. She is doing fine and was sent home with a band-aid on her forehead.

We got most of our work done then it was time to go and visit friends, aka Lisa, to check out the Lewis and Clark Trunk. What a wonderful visit we had! I wish we had more time in the day as I would have stayed longer to chat. Prior to going over to our friends house, we made arrangements to get some stick bugs, but they said we can have them all, cage and everything. My kids are just tickled to death! I am still adjusting to the fact of having "bugs" in the house, and I vow to get to the point where I will hold one someday... Someday...

Oh and in case you were wondering... Dad went to work this day.

Saturday was PSNS Family Day at Dad's work. This is a big treat because they don't open the ship yard that often for families. The last time was 12 years ago and Greg took our son Michael, then 6, to Family Day. We left the house around 9:30am, and stood in line until the gates opened at 11am. I am glad Greg wanted to leave that earlier as there was so many people there (12,000 were registered for Family Day). Then we quickly walked to the line up area to get aboard the U.S.S. Alabama.

We stood in line well over an hour, but made the tour. Many folks that were in the line didn't get a chance to go aboard the sub. Greg is a welder and has been working on the turtle back of the sub for some time, while it is being over hauled. We were able to see approximately (we couldn't get to the exact area), where daddy is working on the sub.

This was a chance in a life time for the kids and I to see, and go aboard, this submarine. What an amazing place... This is home to our service men for 60-90 days, while being submerged under water and not seeing the day light, etc. We saw and walked between the missile launchers, looked out the periscope, saw where they slept while out to sea, went through the mess hall and kitchen, and so much more.

We also got the opportunity to see a few other places daddy goes to with in the ship yard. We are all sore for all the walking/standing, but it was well worth it! Unfortunately, they don't allow camera's with in the shipyard gates, so we couldn't take any pictures.

Enjoy the pictures:


diane said...

Fun week!

LisaWA said...

Hey... those bugs look familiar?? lol Glad they have a happy home!

How are the other fuzzy critters doing? Did you keep em?


Tina said...

Thanks to both of you!

Yes, those fuzzy critters have now become part of a zoology experiment for ch 9. Holly created a zoo habitat, with grass, different types of leaves, and twigs. 1 looks like he is ready to start cocooning.

Thanks so much for the stick bugs! The kids LOVE them!