Friday, November 2, 2007

~*~ A day with my Grandbaby ~*~

On Oct. 31 my grandbaby Hailey came by for a visit! She was dressed as a monkey with a banana hanging out of her back pocket. *Ü* Just adorable I tell ya!

We pulled out some baby toys I have been saving for grandbabies and the kids had fun playing with her with their old toys.

She is such a good baby and so happy. She definitely has a wonderful mom! *Ü* At one point I was rocking her and patting her back. She began to pat my arm. How precious! I just love babies, especially my grandbaby! *Ü*

Enjoy some pictures of our special day:


LisaWA said...

Wonderful pictures Tina! Wounderful!


Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...


Your grandbaby (and Mom) are just adorable! You must be so proud!

I always enjoy visiting your site!

: )