Friday, November 30, 2007

Update On Timmy

Yesterday was the day we found out what the next step will be. Yes... he will need surgery. He is a little nervous about all this, but all and all I think he is doing fine. He knows it has to be done and there is no way out of it. It is scheduled for 2 weeks and he might be able to come home the same day, as long as he is doing ok.

They will remove the extra bone that connected the 2 bones together and will be taking some of his tendon from his thigh and placing it where they removed the bone to help stop new bone growth to form. Please pray that this works. If not, then the next step might be surgery again or radiation.

The bonus is that he also has a floating bone (isn't attached to anything, just floating in his muscle tissue) that developed during the healing process and they will be removing that as well. Man, this kid just has amazing bone growth!

After the surgery, he will rest for 2 weeks and then it is back to physical therapy. The Dr. feels he will heal just fine. He won't have 100% use of his hand (turning the palm upright) like before, but it will be much much better than what he has now. There is a possibility when he gets older he may need this procedure again.

Please continue to keep praying for Dr. wisdom, the hospital staff, and that Timmy heals properly and is given a sense of peace about the whole procedure.

Thank you for praying for him.

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A picture of Timmy's hand for those visual folks. *Ü*

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susie said...

I'll pray, Tina. I know just how painful this whole experience must be for your family and for Timmy.

Tina said...

Thank you, Susie!


Tressa said...

I will be praying. I really hope that the surgery will fix it for him.

Tina said...

Thank you Tressa! We greatly appreciate it.


LisaWA said...

Hi Tina! Just a note telling you and Mr. Timmy we love you...


Kerri said...

Praying that the surgery went well!


Mama Peep said...

Here's sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery! :-)

Patricia in WA

Tina said...

Thanks Everyone for keeping him in your prayers!

All went well and we are now home. YEAH! *Ü*

Surgery took 2 hours longer than scheduled and he had to stay the night.

I am beat and ready for a shower and rest, and spending some time with the kids that were at home while I was away. *Ü*

I will post a follow up post in the next day or two.

Thanks again for all your prayers!


Skeller said...

Here's praying the little guy recoups quickly!
Susan (in SoCal)
ps. loved looking at your homeschool pictures from this week :-)