Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Weekly Report: Week 11

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11 Down, 25 More to Go!

Once again, our week was very busy with outside activities. We got school done, but really nothing to exciting to report about. I think I feel this way because life is pretty busy around here right now & I just didn't get all I wanted to complete done. Oh well, there is always next week.

Jessica has been hard at work on her Russia report and it is almost completed. Next week it will be completed and we will share it with you here at Jetihoja Academy Blog!

Timmy is really enjoying his Writing Tales. He is hard at work creating his own version of The Crow and the Pitcher. We will share that with you next week as well.

I started Jake and Holly on a science workbook titled: Steck-Vaughn Science. They each have their own book for which grade they are in. I wanted to do more science with them, since they don't really do a lot of the book work for Zoology (& they take a Build a Body Class at Co-op). They just sit in on the fun stuff. It is good they do this, but I really thought they needed a little more on the study side of science. And this seems to be very well rounded and a wonderful fit for both of them. They both seem to enjoy doing this workbook.

The BIG event of the week was Jessica's Belated B-day party. I will post more about that HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our weekly report. Until next time...


Leslie in TN said...

Hi Tina! I enjoyed reading your week in review. My girls are also working on their Crow & the Pitcher creative re-writes this week.. Writing Tales has been a big hit with us so far, too. Enjoy the rest of your week!

LisaWA said...

Im on pins and needles till youpost pictures! *Ü*


Tina said...

Thanks Leslie!

I sure wish I would have looked into WT sooner in the year, or even last year for Timmy. I am really pleased with it. :o)

I would love to see what your dd revisions are like. I am sure my son would like to see what other kids are doing too. :o)

Enjoy your week too!


Tina said...

Hey Lisa~

I am going to put that in another post. Just haven't got around to doing it. :o( I put here so I can add the link. I did download the 345 pictures (don't worry I won't post all of those LOL )! I will get it done very very soon.