Monday, December 10, 2007

I Got Elfed

Ok a friend posted this at her blog and with her encouragement I decided to try it out. Let me know if you try this out as well. I would love to check it out! ~Tina

Hey, I just made a total elf of myself.

This elfin' greeting brought to you by OfficeMax®.


LisaWA said...

Thats funny! Man Holly looks like you...*Ü*


Tressa said...

That is great! You sure know how to boogie! :) Merry Christmas!

Tina said...

Thanks Gals!

So, Lisa... When do I get see your elf dance? :o)

Tressa, I just followed your lead on the dancing skilss. :o) LOL Too funny. Thanks for sharing about this. I tried making one of all the kids, but it wouldn't load. :o(