Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Baking: Christmas Wreaths Cookies

We are visiting a friend today and my girlfriends husbands LOVES my Christmas Wreath cookies. I meant to make these during the day on Monday, but time just slipped by me... So at 9:30pm last night my darling helpful little girl came to my aid.

BTW, these are my favorite cookies too. My family has been making them every year since I was a little girl. Probably even before I was born. My mom doesn't care to make them any more, so now it up to me to make them and pass the tradition onto my family.

Here are some photo's of Jessica helping me. Following the photo's will be the recipe. Have fun making these YUMMY cookies with your children.

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(Above) Stirring the melting marshmallows & butter. Just added the food coloring.

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(Above) Added the cornflakes and STIRRING more. Boy it gets hard to stir.

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(Above) Shaping the wreaths and adding the cinn. dots

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Christmas Wreaths Cookies

30 marshmallows
3 1/2 c corn flakes
1/2 c butter or marg. (butter is better)
Green food coloring
Red Cinn Dots

Stir over med low heat until butter and mellows are melted. Add food coloring for desired color. Add corn flakes and stir until well coated. Shape into wreaths on wax paper and add 3 cinn dots to the top.

When wreaths dry, just cut the paper around the wreath. Leave the wax paper on the bottom of the wreath.

NOTE: When I make this, I always double it. Some times I substitute Mini M&M's for the red hots. And have a cup of cold water by you to help you shape the wreaths with ease.


LisaWA said...

My fave!!! *Ü* Good job Jessica!

Mrs. T

Hi Jessica,
It's me Rylee. Tell your dad I have a gift for him.


Tina said...

Hum... Might have to make some more for tomorrow! :o)

Jess has an idea what the "gift" might be. :o) LOL


Tressa said...

Oh, I love these cookies. I haven't made them in a long time. I am craving them now. :)

Tina said...


I just knew we were kindred sprits! We both like Winterberry dishes and now I learn you have made these and LOVE them! :o) LOL

I made a double recipe and they were all gone by the following evening. And no, I didn't eat them all (though if I was home I'd probably do just that. :D )



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cookies. They were enjoyed greatly! Scott even shared this time.
Happy New Year!
Love Kim

Tina said...

((Kim)) you are so welcome! And glad you found the blog!

Next year I will make some for sure again. Who knows, I might even make them the next time we get together. I owe Scott big time! :o)

Thanks for everything you did for Jessica (stocking). She finally got it down, without my help. :o) She is one smart girl.

I got your email and I will get back with you on a date ASAP.

Happy New Year to you too!