Friday, December 7, 2007

Kids Wall Art

Art projects were piling up on the TV tray stand and I just couldn't take it any more! I went to JoAnn's to look at frames, but they were way out of budget to purchase 4 at 1 time that very same day. So off to Wal-mart I went.

I found these lovely frames for around $16 each. They worked perfectly. I have placed all the other art the children have done behind the mat of the ones they chose to display.

I think it looks pretty good and the kids sure enjoy seeing their art work on the wall.

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LisaWA said...

Love it! Is that the hallway? Trying to visualize where in the house....

Tell them they are wonderful artists! I love it!


Tina said...

Thanks. :o)

Yup, hall way. The kitchen/dinning room light switch is just to the right of Timmy. :o)

Having them placed here, I can still see them when I sit in the living room. I didn't want to put them down the wall any further so they are close to the kitchen corner. :o)

I am enjoying looking at their art work. :o)


susie said...

What a great idea. I have along hallway like that when you first come into our house. I always think I will put up pics of the girls, but I never do. May I steal your idea? I may just have some picture frames around here already. I love the way each of your children is showing off his or her artwork. What a great pic!

susie in tx

Tina said...

Thanks! :o) And yes, do it! Your DD's will love it!