Friday, January 11, 2008

A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooler

Over at The Heart of the Matter, they have started a weekly blog roll (meme) on Fridays. Every Friday the topic will change. To see upcoming topics click HERE.

This Friday's topic is, "A Day in The Life of a Homeschooler". As of late I don't seem to post much at our blog, so I think these topics will be help me to add a little more to my blog. I am looking forward to Friday's topics. So remember to check back on Fridays! *Ü*

But also take note that I am a Weekly Reporter and I usually post a recap of our homeschool happening on Saturday or Sunday after we finish up a week. If you want to become a Weekly Report, fill free to join at any time. Check HERE for more details as to what it is about, to see other Weekly Reporters, and to join along with us.

So here is a typical (or should I say, a day we strive for...) day for our family:

7-7:30 am:
Mom gets up (would love this to be 9am, but then everything for school doesn't get done). Co-op and Physical Therapy (PT) Days I have to get up earlier.

8:00 am:
* Kids are up eating breakfast, getting ready for the day, and doing chores.
* On Mondays, Jessica does her online writing class at 8 am.
* Currently Timmy is going to PT twice a week at this time.
* Need to implement a bible time to start our day. I am not good at getting this done. It is one area I want to improve on in our homeschooling.

9:00 am-11:30 am to Noon:
* Gather at the table to do school work. The order in which we do it varies from day to day, and what the kids have for assignments. Some day we start at 8:30, just because everyone is up and ready by then.

Lunch hour

*Continue working on school work. Do extra studies and read aloud time
* 3:00-4:00 on Tuesdays, Jessica has her Online Latin Class.

And some weeks we don't get school done each day of Monday- Friday. Then we go into the weekend to get our schoolwork done. I love the flexibility of homeschooling.

What about snack time you ask? Well we don't have a scheduled snack time. If the kids are hungry, they can get something to eat (mostly fruit or veggies, sometimes crackers, etc.). But ABSOLUTELY no water at the table. *Ü*

Co-op Day:

For our first co-op, first hour, Jessica and Timmy take a "That's in the Bible" Class. Jake and Holly take "Art & Art Appreciation". For second hour, Jessica takes "Latin", Timmy takes "Art & Art Appreciation", and Jake and Holly take "Build a Body". This is a wonderful co-op with wonderful teachers. I am blessed (and so are the kids) to have wonderful teacher for my kids classes.

After this co-op ends, we head off to our next co-op at a dear friends house. We bring a sack lunch and all the kids eat together there. Again I am blessed to have this available for my kids and am blessed to have these friendships, both for me (adults) and my kids.

How long do the kids take on an average day to accomplish their work?

Jessica: It really does depend on what she has to accomplish for the day. The amount of time averages between 3-5 hours.

Timmy: 3-4 hours a day. Some times it seems like math takes 3 hours alone. He doesn't really complain about math, he just gets distracted and I don't know... It seems to take him forever. Hoping that will change once Teaching Textbooks arrives for him. *Ü*

Holly: I would say around 3 hours

Jake: 2 hours

But then you need to factor in our extra work on top of that. I love Lapbooking, when we are doing an extra study, we usually add anywhere from an hour to 2 on top of a typical day. Also our read aloud time on top of that (we read for approximately an hour).

We also do Science together, and that isn't factored in with the above time spent on schoolwork (approximently 5 hours addition per week).

Right now we are working on our country study: Russia. I am only doing this with Jessica and Timmy and the days we do this, it adds about 1-2 extra hours onto our day.

What would I love to ADD to our days?

Like I mentioned above, I want to find a bible study for all the kids to do together. I have to check into Explorers Bible study. But I don't want 1 book for Jess, 1 for Timmy, etc. I want to do them all together. Any suggestions for me?

That is what I miss with Mystery of History(MOH). We did get that bible time in. But we let MOH slip by this year. We are doing other history type studies and I don't think I could do a full blown history course right now.

Someone on the Well Trained Mind board asked a question about what other homeschoolers do to make homeschooling fun. I loved reading about the different ideas other homeschoolers do in their home. One that I would love to add is an afternoon tea/hot coco and snack time. Click on homeschooling fun to read what other homeschooler said.

And that concludes "A Day in the Life of a Jetihoja Academy Homeschooler".

PS: I can't wait to read about your "A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler" if you decide to join this blog roll/meme (still don't understand the difference), please comment and let me know if you do. *Ü* Then I will go to HOTM site and check out your typical homeschooling day!


LisaWA said...

Nice to see you join in. *Ü* This will be fun.


Katherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours as well!


Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing! I love reading what a day looks like for other homeschoolers, especially vets like you! It helps me to understand better this wonderful journey we are starting! Thank you for letting us in on your day!!!!

Angela said...

Awesome schedule!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my homeschool blog.


Jamie said...

Sounds like you do a great job making sure each of your children are getting their school work done throughout the day. A balancing act when homeschooling four children, I'm sure. Right now I'm only teaching 1, which is pretty straightforward. (And by the way, I would be getting up at 9am every morning if I could, too!) :-)

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing your day - - and for posting a comment on my blog!! It is so nice to have support - - even if it is not in person!! Thank you!! :)

Julie said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. Thanks for stopping by and reading mine! My ds2 is also in 7th grade and just finished Tom Sawyer, too! I'll be back to visit more for sure. Julie