Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekly Report: Week 13-15


15 Down, 21 More To Go!

It has been a while since I have done a weekly report, but we have been doing school. We took Christmas Break from Dec. 17-Jan 4. With in this post will be a recap/highlight of the 3 weeks that have we did school, but didn't do our weekly report.

Review of each child's weeks:

Jessica received a 94% on her Chapter 6 Latin test this week! She just LOVES Latin and retains the information pretty well. I don't know anything about Latin and thank God for her Teacher and her strong drive to learn.

She also finished Tom Sawyer over our break. She took longer to read this book then she was suppose to so we are a little behind in Lightning Literature. The book did scare her a little bit at different parts, but over all she said she enjoyed the book.

Her writing class started up on the 7th and she is doing a report on the Green Sea Turtle. We will share with you all once her report is completed.

Timmy has had a little struggle getting back into the swing of school after our break. I am sure it is a combination of things (surgery, holidays, break, etc.). He is really enjoying Writing Tales and is hard at work at his 2nd story. He will finish that up next week and we will be happy to share it with you all. He has a wonderful imagination.

Holly has really enjoyed her science book we purchased for her. She loves the one on one time with me and doing experiments all on her own (with help from me of course). Her brothers and sister watch what she is doing and tell her she is so lucky, etc. I think it makes her feel a little extra special.

Jake well he really loves math. *Ü* He really enjoyed doing or Christmas study and always asked to do more. He is coming along with his reading. I would say he needs to work on his penmanship. But then again, he is only a 6 year old, no wait, 7 year old (Bday happened over our break) boy. *Ü*


One of our co-ops started up on the 3rd. I wish it would have been the following week because I wasn't ready to go back so quickly after New Years Day. But I didn't make the schedule, so away I went. Note: I did make the zoology co-op's schedule and our 1st day back was the 10th! All the families appreciated that. *Ü*

Jessica and Timmy have read Galatians, and 1st and 2nd Corinthians for their bible class last week.

Jake, Timmy, and Holly all enjoyed their art class. The first week, Jake stayed home sick with Dad, so he did not complete one art project that Holly did complete.

In the past 2 weeks Holly did a Farm Tear-Art project and a "Free For All" project (this is because the teacher, A.K.A Mom, forgot the dvd's at home... UGH! That was my GREATEST fear teaching the class).

Jake did a "Free For All" art project. I just LOVE the blue/brown mixed color he crated that he used for the sky and to paint his house.

Timmy did a painting of a king (using playing card-the face cards). We painted it to have a stained glass effect. The artist we were studying was George Rouault. The following week, he did a picture of a marching band. He still wants to add to it, so I will share it next week.

This week in Holly and Jake's Build a Body class, they looked at a cows liver. They both said it smelled really, really bad and that they got to hold it, but had to wear gloves. They LOVE this class.

We started back at Zoology this week as well. I sure have missed all the kids and it was great to visit with the mom's I haven't seen over the break. We basically did review, and are starting full swing, with a new approach next week. I just felt Zoology was going so BLLAAAHHHH following the basics of the schedule, so I had to spice it up some. I think I will be happy with the way things go this semester. *Ü*

EXTRA Study:

All the kids did a Christmas study. We did Christmas Symbols Lapbook by In The Hands of a Child and also used History Scribes Christmas notebooking pages. We learned about the history of the mistletoe. Did you know that the mistletoe was used in ancient Scandinavia? It was used a symbol of peace and when two enemies would met under a forest and they spotted a mistletoe, they would declare peace for the day. I just found that amazing.

I also had "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" Lapbook fro Live and Learn, but we didn't get around to doing it. I "HAVE" to do this one, because it cost $16 to get 2 colored copies of the graphics.

We are still finishing that study up and I will share pictures next week. *Ü*

Something Extra: Jessica saved up her money and treated herselft to a new hairdoo! She even had it frosted! I put a couple pictures of this in the slide show. I think she chose wisely. *Ü*

That is our recap of 3 weeks of homeschooling at Jetihoja Academy. Until next weekend when I will post week 16 activities.


LisaWA said...

You did great.. all of you did... I didnt include our time from Novemebr to early Dec. We only stuck to basics... and well, its boring... but what I just realized from your post, we really are not on week 14! lol Oh well...

Poor Timmy... he looks how I feel too!


Tina said...

Thanks friend! :o)

I didn't post the next picture I took of him. He would have been very, no extremely, unpleased. :o)

The next picture, Jessica by the laptop, is her looking at me saying, "Oh Brother" in regards to Timmy's emotional turmoil at his schoolwork. But he preserved and continued on with his day. All and all, he did a GREAT job.

Just living proof, every day isn't a perfect one in homeschool land. :o)

I will be happy went we get week 2 after the break completed.


Tina said...

Take 2:

I will be happy when we get week 2, after the break, completed.

Nora said...

Way to go to Jessica on the Latin quiz!

Jackie in AR said...

Your pictures of the snowfall are gorgeous! I would love to have all those trees right outside my back door.

And your children are adoreable!

Thanks for posting the information about the Weekly Reporting at WTM; I didn't realize Jessica was the one who started that.

Liz said...

Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog. I'll have to visit your blog when I have more time... I'd love to check out your lapbooking info. You have a beautiful family. Your lives look fun and very full!

I have a question... how/where did you get the link in your sidebar to homeschoolestore? I love that site and can't seem to find the info. to link to them.

Tina said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for the lovly comments. :o)

Nora-I told Jess what you said and she said, "Thank You." :o)

Jackie- You're welcome. I am so happy Jessica put it all together for us. I feel connect to other homeschoolers, even if it an internet relationship. It feels "real" to me. :o)

Liz- You need to log into your account at homeschoolestore and click on their affiliate program. Once you do that, you will have a variety of gif to choose from to add to your blog. I can't wait to read more about your homeschooling/family as you continue to develop your homeschooling blog.