Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekly Report: Week 16


16 Down, 20 More to Go!

Wow, what a busy 2 weeks we have had. I am not counting the past 2 weeks as a full 2 weeks, because each week there was 1 day, each week, when school wasn't accomplished (Dr. Appt., physical Therapy, etc.) Therefore, this week is WEEK 16, loaded with lots of pictures to share with you.

We are LOVING our Russia study! We are closer and closer to wrapping it up. Over the past 2 weeks, we made a Mammoth Diorama, read about Peter the Great, read some folk tales from Russia, & read about missionaries in Russia. We also watched a few movies about Mammoths, the Trans Siberian Railroad, Catherine the Great, Siberian Tigers, & Lake Baikal. I am also creating a lapbook for Russia. So please keep an eye out for more information... Here are a couple pictures from our Russia Study:

We are back into our Zoology 1 study as well. Oh we had a blast at our last get together. Something I haven't been doing this co-op is the quiz board (kids named it Quizical). The kids really enjoyed earning treats as they answered the correct answers. We worked on our lapbooks(from Live & Learn), draw pictures of our favorite insect from chapter 13, and did a science experiment. It was a fun filled day! Next week the kids will be giving oral reports on an insect of their choice.

I think last Weekly Report, I promised to share Timmy's re-write from his writing assignment (Writing Tales). Here is his writing revision:

The Spider and the Fruit Fly

There once was a fruit fly that knew a nice spider. He went over to his web one day. He arrived just in time for supper, but flies were all the spider had to offer. The fruit fly did not want flies and said, "If you come with me you will have some tasty pies."

They arrived at the house late at night, just before dessert, while the pies werer cooling down. They feasted on pies. Then a human came to the towards the door whistling, "I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly..."

The spider asked, "What is that?"

The fruit fly said, "It is only the human."

Then the spider said, "I do not like that music at my dinner time." Just then, in came the human and the two bugs scattered.

The spider said, "Good-Bye friend."

The fruit fly said, "Leaving so soon friend?".

The spider responded, "Better flies in peace, then pies in fear."

In our last report, I also said we were finishing up our Christmas study. Here are some pictures of the kids Christmas Symbols Lapbook (from HOAC) as well as a notebooking page from History Scribe: History of Christmas that they choose to share with you all. The neat thing about the file folders is that they are smelly folders. The pink ones smell like candy canes and the brown ones smell like cinnamon. The kids LOVED them. Enjoy the slide show:

We also began bible time in the mornings before we start school. We are using Our 24 Family Ways. We are enjoying it, but I think I need something more in depth for Jessica and Timmy. I went to Lisawa's house and she shared Explorer's Bible Studies with me. Oh I feel in LOVE... We will switch to these soon.

The kids have been busy creating masterpieces with Atelier Art. Below we have an horizon line sunset with sail boats, a city scence using toy car models, a line creature drawing, marching band, & a cat painting.

And that concludes Week 16 Weekly Report. Have a wonderful week!

P.S.: Make sure to check out Jessica's Sketch for this week's Sketch Tuesday HERE.


cellista said...

I love all the artwork! Your lapbooks look great too. I intended to do the history scribe Christmas pages, but time ran away from us in December :)

Looks like a great couple of weeks. I love seeing all the pictures.


Tressa said...

Can we come have our school at your house? :)

Tina said...

Thanks, Kristiana! I feel like I didn't accomplish much the last 2 weeks (it has been very busy around here with outside things), but when I look at these weekly reports, it lets me relax a little and not be so hard on myself. We did do a bit of work. :o) And I didn't list all the "regular" boring "stuff". :o)

Tressa~ Sure head on over! :o) You don't know how much I wish you lived a little further north. :o) or visa versa.

The girl thing you’re planning sounds wonderful. Actually your dd was talking in class about how she didn't know that many girls her age, etc. You are a wonderful mom to have that insight and start something for you dd! Kudos’ to you! :o)

Thanks for stopping by!


my5wolfcubs said...

Can I just copy & paste your report, changing the kids names? :) Loved seeing all the artwork!!! And cinnamon-smelling folders...that sure would be nice! And if you misplace one, you can just sniff it out! LOL
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tina said...

Sure, Lee, cut and paste away! :o)

Don't know why though, the projects you all do at Stonewall Academy are AWESOME! I wish I had the talent (um patience) to do those wonderful project.

Thanks for stopping by!


LisaWA said...

Wow! What a full report! You all are so busy! I love Timmys face expression in the last picture *Ü* Hes such a cutie!


Kysha said...

Looks like a busy week. We have used EBS for the past two years and love it too.