Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Lorna said...

It is so lovely to see some flowers this time of year. I can't wait to see your blog on Groundhog Day. we don't have it in Europe.

Tina said...

In Europe, they used a hedgehog or bears (European Celts), and other parts of Europe they had Candlemans Day. With the Roman invasion to the British Isles, they took on the tradition and called it Hedgehog Day. They passed it onto the German's who blended the 2 traditions together and believed that if it was sunny on Feb 2, the hedgehog would see his shadow, therefore having 6 more weeks of bad weather.

It was the Germans that brought the tradition to America, but since we don't hedgehogs, they used groundhogs.

Why not look up Candlmen's Day since you're in Europe. I bet that would be an interesting topic. :o)

I can't tell you enough how much we all are enjoying this lapbook (ok probably me a little more)! :o)

And thanks for stopping by to take a peek at my WW. :o)


The Ridge School said...

Looks like a face! My pic was a National Geo one I loved and wanted to share. Glad you liked it.


Lorna said...

Wow, thank you for your reply. I think we will have to see what they celebrate here in Copenhagen. I know they will be celebrating 'Shrovetide' next Tuesday because there is a poster up in our courtyard.

genie said...

Beautiful colors! Am I supposed to see a face in it? Or do I just have a problem with trying to animate inanimate objects? =]

farmnwife said...

Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot about groundhog day. My ds will have a friend over. So we will have to do something fun.

Tina said...

Wow, I am going to have to look up 'Shrovetide' now too. :o)

Thanks everyone for stopping by. :o) I love seeing what everyone chooses for their WW.

Hummm... The flowers looked like a face to me as well. That is why I took a picture of them. I don't know if the seller intended it to look that way or not. We were at Pike Place Market. They have all kinds of flowers there! Love it!!

Dawn said...

So beautiful and such cheery colors. Thanks for sharing!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Flowers? Where might one find those this time of year? Here ones that pretty are made of plastic. ;)

Happy WW!

Tina said...

This picture is from Oct. 2007. But I bet they still have nice flowers in Pike Place this time of year too. I am sure they are greenhouse ones, or shipped in from somewhere. But each time I go there (no matter the time of year), they have some pretty flowers to purchase.

Jackie in AR said...

Very clever! Those colors are gorgeous.

Tressa said...

Pretty flowers! I love the flowers at Pike Place. I have never bought them, but have thought about it many times. :)

Interesting info about Groundhog Day. I never would have guessed all that.

Tina said...

I love those fall colors too. :o)

I don't purchase them to often myself. When I worked in Seattle, I often walked to the ferry (instead of getting the bus) and I sometimes I would go by PPM and pick up flowers (even dried ones) for myself, or my mom. There is just something about a girl with a handful of flowers. :o)

Groundhog Day ROCKS! :o)

Mama Peep said...

Can you believe I still have not been to Pikes??? It has just been too cold! I keep hearing about the wonderful seafood and the flowers they sell. I can't wait to go!

Happy WW!

Brittney said...

When I saw this pic I instantly thought "those remind me of the beautiful flowers at Pikes Place".

Wish blogger had a scratch and sniff button!



farmnwife said...

Can you tell me how you get the banner to stay above the posts? I have one I would like to add to our blog.

LisaWA said...

Ahhh Pike place Market flowers! Nothing like them! I love to walk thorugh in the spring and summer... it smells so fresh!

Happy late WW~


farmnwife said...