Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Insect Lore

Oh I just LOVE the stuff from this company. Today I received their catalog. There is so much I want to order. The kids and I looked through the catalog and here is a list of things we wish we could get:

Praying Mantis Habitat Set

Earthworm Nursery

Diary of a Worm DVD

Beetle Barn

Carnivorous Creations

Triops (Jessica would like this. I think they look pretty gross...)

Animal Soundtracks Lotto Game (Kids might be a little old for this, but I just think it would be fun to guess the animals by the sounds it makes. "I" want to play this one!)

Owl Pellet Kit (we will get this no matter what for our Zoology 1 study)

It is so fun to create a wish list of things to get. And they also have a Bargain Basement Section! Now only if money grew on trees.

BTW, they have games and other free activities at the site as well. Head on over to check it out.


Tressa said...

We got our catalog too. We have a bunch of stuff that we would like to buy too. I think you should get the praying mantis thing. :)

Dawne said...

Mine came today as well!

Brittney said...

Oh my! We love bugs! Thanks for posting the link. I am going to request a catalog right away!
PS...the owl pellet dissecting is a hoot!
:o) Brittney

Anonymous said...

I just received waaay too much stuff from Insect Lore, including Animal Sounds! My kids (ages 7, 4 and 4) can't get enough of it. My daughter's triops just hatched, and I found an entire unit study free for them at www.triops.com, as they are her consuming passion. Our butterflies are in pupa stage, and our ladybugs are emerging from pupas. I also got some of the plant stuff and a dinosaur plant - can't wait to see! Anyway, good luck keeping your totals down...

Courtney ;)