Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sketch Tuesday: Something Made of Wood

Jessica sketched another great picture for Sketch Tuesday. She is really enjoying this project. If you would like to particapte please go HERE for more information. Anyone can join, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Brothers, Sisters, etc.

As I was searching Barb's blog (I just love her blog... so much to learn about there), I ran across another link to some wonderful art video's to watch. She shares her knowledge on using different types of mediums (colored pencils, oil pastels, etc.). This is a definite must see for those that want to learn more about different types of mediums to use.

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LisaWA said...

Ha! I guessed right! lol When I went to Barbs site and looked at the pictures... this was my guess.

We had so much fun last night doing this together! We laughed, goofed and rushed! We were gone from 3-9 last night and I emailed them to Barb after 10! We almsot didnt make it on her site... and that would have been ok... cause we posted it... but still... we will work on the next one sooner than the night before this time!