Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekly Report: Week 17


17 Down, 19 More To Go!

Wow, I can't believe it has been 1 week so far. I sure wish days would slow down a little for us. We accomplished a bit, but I wanted to do more. Below are some highlights of our week. Make sure to check out the slide show below for some wonderful pictures from the topics listed below.

Zoology 1:

We had a blast at our co-op this week. We played our quizzical, reviewed What Do You Remember Questions, took Quiz Ch 13, gave their insect oral report, and made a cricket habitat. For 2 days the kids recorded where they saw there crickets in their habitat every few hours. Unfortunately, Timmy's died pretty earlier off. But he was ok with it... His work was now done. *Ü* Silly boy.

Groundhog Day Study:

I LOVED this study. I probably enjoyed it more than the kids did. My husband said I was obsessed with Groundhogs for the last couple of weeks. I guess when I am really into something, I go all out. *Ü*

We learned about where the tradition started from & how different countries adapted it to their beliefs. Discovered which country brought the tradition to America (Germans) to what type of events take place in celebration of Groundhogs Day. We also learned about groundhogs in general.

This is a well rounded study that touch on many different subjects: writing(copywork, poetry), geography, history, science, & arts (creating the lapbook). What did we use: Hands of a Child Groundhog Day lapbook. This lapbook aslo includes a research guide (mini unit study) and has a list for suggested book/links.

We took 3 days to completed this study.

Russia Study:

The kids read about Peter the Great and also did a biography on him as well. They worked on a timeline for their notebooks, as well as places time line figures in their timeline books, read a Russia folk tale, and learned a little about Buryats from Window on the World.

Atelier Art:

Jake and Holly's art assignment this week was about a table, with a vase full of flowers. Timmy's assignment was about horizon lines & using all 12 colors on a color wheel (primary, secondary, & tertiary).

And there concludes highlights from our school days this week. Have a wonderful week!


Daisy said...

So how did Groundhog's Day become a tradition. I have no clue?? LOL. Maybe we should have done that lapbook. I love the slide show and what a great idea to do a cricket habitat. I'm going to store that one away in my mental files for our study of habitats next year. Looks great!

Mama Peep said...

The groundhog unit looks fun. I am still trying to finish an instrument lapbook we started in *blush* October. We have some finishing touches for a unit on Mesopotamia also. I am so bad about staying on task sometimes. Seeing all your Atelier projects has really peaked my interest. Artistic Pursuit is not working so well here. Thanks for a peak into your week.


BTW, we need an update on Timmy's arm? Is the PT working?

Kysha said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing. My boys would've gone fishing with those crickets. LOL!