Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hearts and Trees: Mini Art Lesson

This time we learned about Claude Monet: Water Lilies (The Clouds). What an amazing painter he was. He painted more than 250 paintings, was a leader in the impressionist movement, his painting "Water Lilies" sold last year for over 18 million pounds (close to 40 million US), he had cataracts in his later years in life and still painted, he loved painting landscapes and many of them are of the same scene, they are just painted at different times of the day or seasons, and so much more.

Here are some sites we really enjoyed during our study:

Looking at Art: Seeing Questions

At this site there is a list of different questions to discuss art: Describing It, Relate It, Analyze It, Interpret It, Evaluate It. This really helped me to ask the kids different questions about the painting we were looking at.

This site has a WONDERFUL biography about Monet. It also includes worksheets (you can use these for notebooking pages), pictures of Water Lilies to color, a jigsaw puzzle of this painting to do online, and so much more. I just loved this site. I am sure we will use it in the future as well.

Slide Show about Claude Monet

This slide show show 14 different art works done by Monet. Each page has information relating to the artwork and/or questions to ask about the art work shown. We just loved this.

There is another
slide show listed here as well. It show 39 of his paintings, but no comments. It is beautiful just to look at all the different paintings with out any texts, and does play classical music.

What are we using as a guide for our art appreciation studies? We are using Heart and Trees Clouds Art Show: Mini Art Lessons notebooking set. We added a little more to our study, but Amanda's Notebooking Set really helped me to get this study going. Thank You Amanda!

She also has 2 other Art Shows: Winter Art Show & Ocean Art Show. She doesn't have notebooking pages for these art shows, but she does provide the art work, suggestions on what to ask/do, and web link suggestions.

After we did our online research of Claude Monet and his paintings we did our notebooking pages. The suggested activity on the notebooking page was to draw a reflection scence like Monet does his paintings. We used Water Color Crayons.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our study on Claude Monet and his painting "Water Lilies (The Clouds)".


Mom2legomaniacs said...

I am going to have to come back and study this post more when I have more time. I adore Monet! This would be fabulous for us to do as well. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and resources.


Tina said...

Here is a reply to the slide show at slide.com that my cousin Sandy made. I just wanted to share it here too. *Ü*

"I'm a huge Monet fan. Thanks for sharing your special art with me. I am very inspired by your beautiful displays. "

LisaWA said...

Good Job Tina! Monet and Degass are my favorites!


tressays said...

Monet and Renoir are my favorites!

I will have to got through your links. I am sure that they are great. I would like to do a study on the artists. Ahh..so many things to study, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful study and beautiful artwork. We are getting ready to start up artist study again once weekly and this gave me some helpful directive. Thanks!


AmandaChristina said...

Hi Tina!
I love your post. Monet is my favorite. I will never forget visiting a Monet exhibit. His paintings are beautiful in books and on the screen but just breathtaking in person, and so much bigger than I thought they would be.

I was stopping by to let you know you are one of the winners from my Perler Bead contest, which you figured out already. :)

If you email me with your address I will get it in the mail to you this week. Hope you're having a great weekend.


Tiffany said...

Thank you for the links!! I am hoping to get to Monet this week. So far almost everyday has been derailed by something so we'll see...there's always next week.