Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Report


(above: Jessica and Jake made lunch using Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook and a couple photo's for kids doing their work)

Another week has gone by... Where does the time go? Our week was busy and full. Here's what happened at Jetihoja Academy:

Regular subjects were done. Holly is struggling a bit on division. Seems she can't remember the steps to solve the problems although she has been doing division for a long time. Patience and review is all that is needed and I am sure this will turn around soon.

I picked up a really neat book from our local teacher supply store: Fun-Flap Facts Multiplication. I can't wait to make some copies and let the kids have fun with these. Basically you answer a problems (lets say 8x4=32) and then you open it up and it will give you a fun activity to do: Name as many veggies as you can in 32 seconds. HUM... wonder if they have one for division. Might be a perfect activity for Holly.


We did our artist study on Monet. What a GREAT time we had. You can read all about our study HERE. We enjoyed it so much I was tempted to do another artist study this week, but I resisted... We did a review about him on Friday.


We had our grand baby over for a visit for a few hours. She is just so cute and such a happy little girl. Jessica and Holly just love having her around. She looks so much like my son Michael (her daddy). It is amazing.

Jessica did her online Latin class and took her test on chapter 10. We will find the results out next week. She is loving this class still and is always saying things in Latin. She is great at letting us know what she is saying, though we are still clueless about the language.

Holly went to her art class. We put Holly in a local art school at the beginning of the month. She is always drawing, etc that we thought she would benefit from more lessons (other than Atelier) and learn from folks that really know about technique and can talk to her about it (I don't know much other than what I learn via Atelier). So far she has completed 2 projects: A Lizard (using pencils) and a Horse(using chalk). She entered both of them (only 1 will be chosen) in an art show that will be at our local mall. They will mat the art work and it will include a picture of her as well. We can't wait to go and see her work there along with a lot of other children work from that art school.


Jessica went to my mom's work and collated the newsletter for the chamber. She loves volunteering there once a month. She always brings a friend with her and they all love going there too. The perk is that my mom always buys the kids an ice cream cone from a local deli when theya re finished with their job. Sometimes Holly or Timmy will go.


Co-op was a blast. Art class was wonderful. Jake and Holly painted a flower in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. Each child got a flower and a vase to take home. It was a lot of fun. Timmy painted his clay walrus. He looks like that becasue its flipper fell off.

In Jake and Holly's Human Body class they had a guest come and talk to them: A Fireman. They really enjoyed this and shared a lot about it through out the day. It brought up some nice discussions on fire safety.

Zoology was fun too. We reviewed our reading section, did a notebooking page on the American Crow, filled in lapbooks, examined bird feathers (thank you Coconut), and did an experiment learning about how a birds wing is like a parachute for landing.


Reviewed our artist of the week & went to on a play date with a couple other families. Jessica sent in her All About Me MLA assignment for her Home2Teach class. She starts up her online writing class again on Monday.

Oh and stay tuned for our Green Hour Challenge Assingment #6. I will post that later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what we have been up to at Jetihoja Academy!

~*~ Have a wonderful weekend~*~


Andrea said...

What a great week! It looks like you have some budding artists on your hands! I love the pictures of their drawings and paintings.

Jimmie said...

Your weekly reviews are always great! I think it's wonderful for us to see all we've accomplished, isn't it?
Love Timmy's face!

Tonia said...

What a week! Looks great. Your daughter must be so excited about being in an art show - that sounds like fun!

Wee Pip said...

I love visiting your blog, it is so inspiring:) Great week!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

I can empathize with the division. We started at the end of Jan and it is just now clicking. I make a list of the steps on the white board to follow. Our says:
1. Go into
2. check
4. bring down

But I think that list will depend on what resonates with the kids and what vocab you've been using.

Good luck to your dd in the art show. great week:)

StephieK said...

What class is Jessica taking this session? My Jonathan and Elizabeth are both taking ERW2 on Monday.

I love the kids art work!

Tina said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and saying "Hi".

Jimmie~ Yes, I love doing the Weekly Reports. It helps me to see that we are really accomplishing something. :o)

Darcy~ We use Abeka and there is 5 steps to doing the division problems (divide, multiply, subtract, compare, bring down). Best of luck to you with the division journey as well. :o)

Stephie~ She is taking Narrative 2 on Monday's. Ms. Elizabeth is her teacher for this class too. :o) I just have to tell you, your little dd (1 month old) is absolutely adorable!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


LisaWA said...

Another wonderful week Tina and peeps!

See ya in a few hours!