Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have been missing...

posting here at my blog. But life has been pretty busy around here lately.

I am part of a wonderful group of gals that is starting a homeschooling co-op in our area. Boy this is a LOT of work. But I feel it is very God directed and am extremely excited about it. We are finishing up the final touches to get the teacher request forms out. We are still trying to come up with a name. Boy, this is so hard to do... But I am sure we will come up with a perfect name.

Our Co-op classes are over (art, bible, human body, Latin-though online classes are continuing), but Zoology is still happening for the next 4 weeks. We are doing Zoology at my house and I am enjoying being home to do teach this. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being at my friends houses as well, but there is nothing like teaching in your own home. I just wished I had a bigger home like my friends. It would be nice if the mom's could have a separate room to visit in.

My mom got pretty sick this week and ended up staying the night in the hospital. She is doing much better, but the Dr. still need to find out what the root of her problem is. They think is is Bilateral Vertigo, but they don't know much about vertigo. Please pray for my mom. She is afraid to lay down flat (understandably so), because she is worried it will happen again.

Other things in life have been happening: school, visiting with my grand baby when ever possible, field trips, helping Nana, and more... It is amazing how busy our lives can get during different seasons in our lives. I am anxiously awaiting for a slow season.

Oh and we finished our Russia Study! YEAH! My friend will be finishing up her finally revision of her studies and will have these for sale very soon. I couldn't recommend the Russia one highly enough. I have learned so much... and so have the kids. I can't wait to get the next one she has for me to review. And I will be sure to post here as soon as they are available for sale.

Something I have been neglecting that I am waiting to get back into ASAP is our nature studies. I am really missing these and am looking forward to getting back to them.

I will be posting updates on our weekly reports, field trips, etc as soon as I can. I miss doing these things. At times I think I am not doing enough with school, but when I post a weekly report, oh my... I feel like I did a lot more then I thought I did.

Thanks for stopping by

PS: Patrica, I will get to that tag asap. Thanks for thinking of me!


Mama Peep said...

Just today I was thinking of emailing Lisa. You were starting to worry me. I am glad your mom is better. Vertigo is not fun! I will be thinking of you all. No rush on the meme, just be sure to not be high on chocolate when you post it. :-) Glad to have you back.


tressays said...

It is good to see you! I am glad that everyone is doing well. I hope your mom gets well quickly.

I am also glad that the co-op is coming together for you. :)

Michele said...

You have a lovely blog. I hope your mother is feeling better soon.