Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Day Didn't Go As I Had Planned....

Instead, my dear husband came home early and we ended up heading to the beach!

The kids had a blast looking for Spider Crabs on the dock and making little (OK BIG) dwellings on the beach for them. While on the docks we saw candle fish, muscles, seagulls (one was eating a muscle), and lots of other sea creatures. (unfortunately I never took out the camera today)

We also took the boat out for a little while and pulled the kids around in the inner tube. It was sunny, but cold and the kids (Jessica and Timmy) insisted on getting in the water, so we let them. Aren't we fun parents? *Ü*

ETA: I once heard that a boat is one of the best places for a family to spend time together. There is no place to go and everyone is pretty much forced to communicate with each other. I have to agree... We have spent some wonderful days together on our boat. I do have to add that I don't always want to head out on the boat (honestly, I am not much of an outdoors person), but once I am out there I ask myself why in the world didn't I want to come... *Ü*

Our day ended up perfectly with warm cookies and Dad reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader aloud before bed time. It was great having Dad for longer than we expected today.

At first I wasn't to sure about having my school schedule interrupted again (this happened last week too), but then my thoughts went back to the workshop I attended this Saturday. I know we will have lots of time to get our assignments done before this school year is over and I know they will get more from our adventure of the day (building family ties & learning about some the animals of the Puget Sound), than they would staying at home doing their seat work.

With that said we did get a little school in today. Each day I am reading from a neat book called: 365 Days of Celebration & Praise. Each day there is a different theme, be it event of the day, week, or month. Today we happened to read that it is Children's Good Manners Month.

We also started our Explorers Bible Studies. Jessica and Timmy are both using the same books and Jake and Holly are doing a different one. With Jake and Holly I am not having them write things out, I am doing it all orally with them. We had a wonderful time doing these studies and I don't know why I haven't pulled them out before now.

That is my story of how our (should say "MY"), day didn't go as I had planned... But it turned out wonderfully after all. *Ü*


tressays said...

What a wonderful day!! I think that you are cool parents. Did the kids freeze? :) Your day is exactly the thing I miss about homeschooling. I was going to make a big ole long post, but I might just link to your blog instead. :)

Tina in WA said...

Thanks! "Sometimes" the kids think we are too. *Ü* LOL

They were pretty cold, but Greg had them bring sweats and a jacket for when they got out of the water. They never "offically" went in the water, but they sure did get wet via being towed in that tube.

Lisawa said...

He tj... come visit me! I have somethin for ya.

Brittney said...

What an absolutely PERFECT day! The beach, warm cookies, the fam together, and Dad reading Lewis!

It's hard to *let* those days happen when "school" needs to get done. I am trying to allow those to happen more and just relax...stuff WILL get done! :o)

PS Thanks so much for your wonderfully encouraging word on my blog. You really lift my spirits!!!! :o)

Cindy said...

Lovely day....those were my favorite types of homeschool days. :) Now I have to be happy with Nana days.
Your blog is nice, Tina. I'll be back to peek into your life.