Sunday, October 12, 2008

Checking in...

Hi Everyone! *Ü*

Yup, I went missing again for a bit and haven't made a post in a while. We have been busy getting into a routine with homeschooling and life. We just finished week 4 of this school year and perhaps next Friday I will be up to make a weekly report and share what we've been up to at Jetihoja Academy.

I am trying to be more disciplined in some area's of my life. To be honest, I have many areas to work on in regards to my own self discipline and my family. Something we started last week is getting up by 7:30 am, eat, chores, get dressed, etc. by 8:30 am. Then we start in on school and begin with 365 Days Celebration and Praise and bible study. Jessica and Timmy are working on a study together and Jake and Holly are doing a separate one as well. We all have enjoyed this and the kids ask to do it daily (well at least the week we were consistent with it *Ü* ).

We attend a homeschooling co-op with First Class Ministries and this co-op has been a blessing to our family. The kids are taking a wide variety of class from Beg. Drawing and Design, WA State History, Election Lapbooking, and more. One of my favorite times during co-op is chapel time. During this time we sing praises, hear a brief message, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and more. What a wonderful way for homeschooling families in our community to grow closer together. And one of the best times of the day is Lunch Hour! It is great to see all these families in there interacting with each other and seeing the kids making new friends. My son told me he already made 2 new friends. *Ü* That is a REAL blessing for him.

We put Holly back in art class at a local art school and her creations are just wonderful. Her last one just blew me away! It looked like something from a children's storybook. Here is her picture:

As you can see our life has been full of "things" to occupy our time. I am going to try and do the Menu Plan Monday Meme and if I do, I will be back tomorrow with our weekly menu. I know with the economy and all, I need to get a little more organized with my meal planning. Hopefully this will help me. *Ü*



Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Wow, Holly's artwork is fabulous! She should write a story to go with the drawing. :)

You have been busy, a good kind of busy though and that is always the best.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Melanie said...

That is beautiful! The colors are fantastic!