Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekly Report: Week 1

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Monday Sept. 10 was our first day of school for this year. I had their schedules completed the night before, all materials gathered and ready to use, and the kids were put to bed early Sunday evening.

But before we even started the week, the forces of summer/life were still at hand around here. I am amazed AND excited to say, we accomplished all our assignments/goals for the week!

Monday was a WONDERFUL 1st day of school. Each of the kids had their own assignment chart and enjoyed marking off what they accomplished. I also required the kids to read alone for 30 min. each school day. They loved this. My son Timmy, who was slow at learning to read, choose Series of Unfortunate Events Book 1. I was worried, thinking it would be too much for him, but he really wanted to read it and is enjoying the book. When Dad came home in the evening, my son told him that today was a great school day and much more organized than it has been in the past... UGH... Thanks son... But to be honest, it was an organized day. *Ü*

Grandma is picked up the kids on Tuesday morning and took them to her house for a day at the lake. It was a hot day here in WA. The kids loved spending the day with Grandpa and Grandma! Amazingly, the kids had most of their school work completed by the time Grandma arrived at 10am. Who kidnapped my kids in the middle of the night and replaced them with ones that are EXCITED about school!?!?!?

Wednesday was Jessica's 12th B-day. Nana invited us to a breakfast celebration to honor Jessica's big day. Where did Jessica choose to dine... Family Pancake House of course. To her surprise, they brought her out a pancake face with whip cream, chocolate chips, strawberries, & bananas. She had a few bites and I told her not to worry about eating any more, since she ordered french toast for breakfast. Poor girls couldn't eat all her food... But she was happy.

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Thursday was our 1st day back at co-op. And we also had an afternoon co-op for Zoology 1 that started the same day. Click here 1st Co-Op Day, to read more about that day. Yes, Thursdays are going to busy days around here.

And Friday, a wonderful homeschooler from our area came to my house to give me a lesson in Edu-track! I am soooo excited and pleased that someone is willing to lend me a hand. Our homeschool community is wonderful!

But... On this day, my son broke his elbow playing in the woods by our house. He fell off a log that they were using at a teeter-tottor and has a radial head fracture of his left elbow that goes through is growing plate as well. We were told he would have surgery, but he ended up not needing it as he is one of the 20% with this kind of injury that won't need surgery. He isn't out of the woods yet, so please keep him in your prayers; that he will heal properly, sleep through the night, and his pain will be minimal.

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Again, I was surprised we accomplished all I was hoping we would for the week, especially with all the obstacles that came our way. God is so good!

Here are some highlights from each child:

Jessica: She is soooo excited to begin Latin and LOVED her Latin class at co-op. She LOVES her Lightning Lit 7 curriculum. And I must say I do too! So far, with all of 1 week, I love this curriculum! She read "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" and enjoyed doing the worksheets. For writing, she wrote a biography about her dad. She did a wonderful job.

When asked what was your favorite activity for the week, her reply, "I really enjoyed Latin."

Timmy: We are waiting for TT5 to come out so in the mean time he is doing Spectrum Math 4 for review. He is cruising along in it. I think I will jump him ahead, or will need to get book 5 for him. He really wants to do math on the computer like his sister, so I don't want to purchase a full curriculum, since I have my mind set on TT.

When asked what was your favorite activity for the week, his reply,
"The times I didn't have my arm broken."

Holly: I would have to say, she is having a hard time adjusting to her school work. I am trying to take it slower with her and easing her into the routine. She is enjoying GWG 3, but I think she would have liked the simplicity of LL3 more at this point. But it is only 1 week, so time will tell.

When asked what was your favorite activity for the week, her reply,
"Art class at co-op."

Jake: Oh my little boy. I can't believe I won't have a Kindergartner again... for the rest of my life... I feel like some doors are closing in my life as he get older each year. Isn't that how it is for us mommies. He is in 1st grade now. He is enjoying doing math in a book like his older siblings. He doesn't buck anything and has worked ahead in his copywork book.

When asked what was your favorite activity for the week, his reply,

And there you have it, Week 1 Review

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