Saturday, November 3, 2007

I am Fanny Price!

Take the Quiz here!

:: F A N N Y ::

You are Fanny Price of Mansfield Park!
You are quiet and faithful, but those around you may think you priggish.
You love deeply but jealously, and the thoughts and values of your loved
one - good and bad - rub off on you.

Ok, my friend posted this quiz some time back at her blog. I took the quiz, and above was my results. I had never seen the movie and wasn't sure about sharing the results on my blog, just in case I didn't like the character in the movie after all.

Well, I watched the movie the other night and it was wonderful! I can see myself in her.


LisaWA said...

I love this quiz! I took it once before.... I was Elizabeth Bennit from Prid and Prejudice.

I took it again... again Lizzy.



Tina said...

I think you were the friend that posted about it. :o) I tried to find it at your blog, but couldn't, so I wasn't to sure. :o)

I like Lizzy too. :o)

Have a WONDERFUL day my friend!