Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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LisaWA said...

Good job Tina! I love how you have the ferry and the on the water.... great picture....*Ü*


Tina said...

Thanks, Lisa. :o)

Did you see the seagull above the ferry boat too? It is hard to see, because the day is so gray.

This picture says "Seattle" to me. :o)

Melkhi said...

That is a great picture!

Mama Peep said...

That is such a Seattle Day! I am getting use to them and enjoying them for their own beauty. 10miutes ago we had glorious sun. The kids and I ran outside to enjoy it. :-)


Tina said...

Thanks Melkhi & Patricia.

Yes, we do have strange weather around here. :D


Brittney said...

I love Seattle and this just speaks "Seattle" to me. My dh's family lives in Puyallup (I lived there for 5 years, too) There is no other place like the NW. I'm "home"sick!
Great picture...and the party sounded like a blast! What a cool mom!

Tressa said...

Oh, pretty! I haven't seen ice on the water like that near a ferry terminal. Very cool.

Tina said...

Brittney and Tressa,

Thanks for the comments. I had to take the picture quickly because the ferry wasn't going to wait on me. :o) I am thinking of having this blown up and framing it. It really speaks to me is so many ways: good day with dd's and their friends, 1st snow of they of the season, WA state, etc.